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, Jana will wake up. “Do not believe growled, Lance tightly grabbed the doctor’s white coat, angry shouting,” You tell me, when you can wake Jana? “

“perhaps the day for two weeks, maybe a year or two, perhaps never not wake up.” the doctor is still indifferent tone, the white robe from the hands of Lance’s pulled out,MBT Shoes, and then move to leave.

“Jana.” testy shouting, Lance quickly rushed into the operating room, and the door, UN demands powerless against the cold Los Chen’s body, with a deep breath, calm down the bottom of my heart that wave after wave of pain above and guilt.

morning gradually brightened hospital, ward, Lance gloomy face, accompanied bed “plug” with Jana various instruments, while the former ward windows, UN demands to stop for the night, calm face pale appalling, it is deep remorse is deep remorse.

“is my cold Luochen.” can not let the UN demands to discourage anyway back to the apartment to rest, cold winter Luo Chen Cang only dialed the phone, “the last UN demands with anesthetic my” fans “halo that needle where? “

“Greek dress skirt under a row of quenching a small needle hemp” medicine “of.” phone, opening heavy tone Dong Cang, for so many years has been to avoid a Greek thing happened again five years ago, but everything is still late.

“I send UN demands to come back.” hung up the phone, cold Luochen look to the UN demands to stand quietly in the hallway, deep gaze has not willing, has been everyone thought she was ruthless, but cold Los Chen understand her indifference only to disguise themselves, not because of the people around her and hurt.

“UN demands, you have stood up for the night.” Chen Sheng opening cold Luochen big hand gently pull off UN demands hand, pulled her on the side of the seat, “We go back, take a break and then come. “

a tired, UN demands stubbornly shook his head,MBT Sales, still looking to bed faint line of sight “fans” of Jana through the windows, “you go back, there are a lot of things the company.”

“It was an accident.” ditan the cold Luochen not move God “color” with a small needle is withdrawn, slender fingers gently ask, “touch” with UN demands, hair, fingers stabbing needles in an instant the skin.

“cold Luochen?” After the neck of a hemp, UN demands instantly knew it was his own hemp “medicine” needle, but too late to say anything special hemp “medicine”, the entire human body toward cold Luochen go down, into the darkness.

“silly woman.” clinging to UN demands fainting body, gentle cold Luo Fu-chen “touched” her face, then picked up the cross toward UN demands to go outside the hospital.

car speeding on the road, cold Chen Luo looked asleep on the back seat of UN demands, then took out the phone, press a few number combinations, the contact in Ya’an shadow guard, “last night to help attack the dragon The person is not the Yamaguchi-gumi Ishikawa Eagle Ze’s men. “

“am.” bullet through on-site analysis,Cheap MBT, image resolution, and fled to sneak into line, and monitoring of the probe to determine who is undoubtedly the Yamaguchi-gumi.

“to put pressure on Ishikawa family, have blocked all of its Ishikawa Eagle Ze arms drug trade routes, allow hackers to cut network Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan will be transferred to the account of the black-Intelligence Agency.” side of my car, under the command ruthless side Cold Luochen know when to take over their own forces in Asia, he can not go back.

deep Mouguang not help looking back seat to the UN demands, perhaps one day, he must leave, after she finally accepted his feelings, think of this, solemn face covered with frost and help the helpless .

hand holding the steering wheel slips tightened in a cold and lonely sight Chen Luo never had a firm, even a dark future, but he will do everything possible to stay at her side.

Dong Cang already standing in the doorway of the apartment, looking slowly parked cars, and the line of sight cold Luochen quickly open the door, pick up the faint movement abnormalities gentle “fans” of UN demands.

Greek emotion again, otherwise it is impossible to alert her to the plot being gentle smile mingled with bitterness infected mouth, pale winter nodded slightly and whispered:. “into it.”

bedroom, as she had lived in the mansion is generally a simple cold, cold Luochen gentle to UN demands on the bed, eyes staring at her attachment asleep face, gentle kiss is not willing to fall down.

“You attack me.” suddenly opened his eyes, UN demands unexpected cold voice rang down, let Touxiang cold Luochen surprised, stays in the body side arm a soft UN demands, so down the whole person In her body, nose for nose, eye to eye, lip stick lip.

smile instantly infected with cold cheeks, muffled laughter spread out from the depths of his throat, showing his good mood at the moment, Luo Chen micro-away cold lips, intimate voice back to the “swing” in the UN demands of the ear. ” one time, evened out. “

“up.” So he pressed his body, shook UN demands cold Luochen heavy body, still has to worry and guilt on Jana’s tight face.

“UN demands.” lying on her side of the trunk homeopathic cold Luochen hand ring body clinging to UN demands, ambiguous warm breath on her cheek spray swallow edge enlighten softly, “That’s not you fault, just an accident. “

Jana, UN demands Mouguang dull down, then think of the assassination of the gray wolf, eagle Greek Ishikawa certainly aware of the situation and quickly poke cold Luochen ring hand around the waist of UN demands sat up in bed, she wants to Ishikawa went eagle Greek ask why the gray wolf in the Yamaguchi-gumi?

“You go to the hospital?” sat up watching the UN demands, cold Luo Chen grabbed her hand, suddenly said: “If I was lying in the hospital, UN demands, you will not have so stay with me . “

“What nonsense.” Listen cold Luochen then UN demands surprised, snappily cold looked in the past, popping open a cold look beat Los Chen shook his hand, not even this is also jealous.

“UN demands to rest, I’ll accompany you to the hospital.” looked at the back of the hand by UN demands dozen red, cold chilly Los Chen’s face again contracted smile, she cares about him.

“I want to go hawk Ishikawa Greek.” put their shoes out of bed, no UN demands to conceal the opening, when she decided to accept his presence, she will also give him a hundred percent trust.

“as Jana revenge.” smile Lianqu, on the face were more serious, cold Luochen quickly down from the bed, watching the UN demands to tidy clothes, solemn opening, “go together.”

Ishikawa eagles still hope for a UN demands feelings, but Ishikawa Eagle Ze Louis family has always coveted crown, plus the heavy side until things cool Luo Chen knew he would never let go of UN demands so simple, even Her skill is better, the entire face of the killer of the Yamaguchi-gumi is dangerous.

“I just ask a few things clear.” He’s worried about the cold heart warm again, the opening of UN demands calm, but God “color” in or over the slightest fluctuations, gray wolf, if it is him, he should see himself.

“together.” adhere to the opening, cold Luochen just hold the hand of UN demands, the first steps have been taken, it is undeniable that he was very reluctant to Ishikawa eagle Greek presence, and he was too paranoid feelings on UN demands are too insane, so not a stable molecule that can not let him go alone UN demands.

eyes rested hands clasped together, so many years has been a lonely, afraid again suffered betrayal, once dreaded dragged to the side of the people, UN demands raised mouth suddenly faint, the original trust such a person her, and she is also a common destiny so warm.

“UN demands, and you?” She did not keep up, quickly turned cold Luochen UN demands to be comfortable, but not wanted to see her smile even that slight smile when let in cherry red lips, so cool Luochen stay completely astonished, for the first time, he saw her smile, shook so that he suddenly felt quiet all around, only to emerge in front of her smile.

“Come on.” fleeting smile Lianqu, resumed the usual cold, UN demands went openings, then take a step.

silly woman. Murmured loudly, cold Luo Chen shook his head and walked out together with UN demands, if really one day, he entered the world of darkness, she certainly would have been followed accompany themselves.

banks of windows, looking downstairs with UN demands to leave Los Chen and cold winter Cang put down the curtains, hoping finally out of the shadows five years ago and received a cold Luo Chen, this time, he really wants to let go.

repressed complex emotions, winter Cang quickly walked back to the front of the computer, the message continues to search everything Yamaguchi-gumi, looking for clues and gray wolf has a relationship.
white “color” of the villa, Ishikawa eagle looked slowly docked at the Greek side of the car, handsome face with a smile, but when you see coming out of the cold Luochen copilot position, at the moment, a smile darkened, narrow eyes burst out of the cold hatred.

“Eagle Greek, appeared last night to help the dragon killer who is?” UN demands quickly went over his face with eager repressed under, and now, she still does not understand why the Timberwolves will appear in the Yamaguchi-gumi, and he saw myself, why not come to her?

“one should be Miyoko, another identity has not been finalized.” Ishikawa turned to UN demands Greek eagle’s face with a smile again, looked cold hatred Luo Chen, toward UN demands continued: “Little hope, you still moved here to live with me, I guarantee no one can hurt you, I would use to protect your own life. “

unsure UN demands provoked not by the light brow, dark dive into the organization for three years, she was too familiar with the figure of the gray wolf, gray wolf and the right hand is also characteristic of marksmanship, can not go wrong.

“. Hesse, brought little hope to go upstairs study, where all the information of the Yamaguchi-gumi,” Ishikawa eagle Greek cold sound under the command, then to the side of the cold Luo Chen, hate channel: “We have to talk.”

“Go.” sight read at UN demands, while cold schematic Luo Chen nodded, and then the corner outside the villa with Ishikawa, until Ishikawa slips eagle gun pointed at the Greek cold Luochen chest.

“Miyoko.” God’s face is calm, “color”, Los Chen cold front swept deep eyes pistol, deep voice calm opening, “you can not even pretend Ishikawa eagles dare hope.”

clear laughter suddenly spill out, Miyoko clear understanding of the outline from the mouth, ask frivolous “touch” on a cold Luochen cheek, “president really bad cold, even my dressing can see out.”

“Ishikawa Eagle Ze let you catch me.” is not in doubt but certainly understand the cold Luochen opening looked back corner of the car, it seems Ishikawa Eagle Ze Louis family has been unwilling to give up the crown.

“. cold, president, take a trip to it,” Miyoko charming smile, hand push cold Luochen body, crisp voice suddenly become cold, warned: “The cold president can do tricks, otherwise the bullets do not have eyes . “

095 Chapter torture

095 Chapter torture

looked back white “color” of the house, cold Luo Yi Yan Chen opened the car’s door, while sitting inside people quickly align cold Luochen pulled the tranquilizer gun, so tall figure poured into the car.

“off UN demands can find you, you have to be careful of that.” to complete the task, Miyoko proud smile, facing the back seat of the gray wolf face grim opening, “Ishikawa Greek eagle can not let you.”

“car.” husky voice with no emotion, will be placed in a cold Luochen back seat, gray wolf cold empty eyes swept his face, broken mouth has a hint of worry, he will also become weaknesses Nightingale and they can not have feelings.

villa study, UN demands to quickly browse the computer data, and even found out five years ago, but still have not found traces of a relationship and the gray wolf.

Timberwolves perhaps just happened into the Yamaguchi-gumi, so the only thing he can not find out the information, concerns with, UN demands sight inadvertently drifting into the bottom right of the screen time, the moment of God “color” for a change.

and her face suddenly tense, “color”, even aside Hesse also aware, the suspect “confusion” in the eyes puzzled look to hurry up the chair of UN demands.
That’s not the Greek
Ishikawa eagles, have been one hour, not to mention cold Luochen meeting to order Ishikawa eagles Greek paranoia, he would not leave his own for so long.

not saying a word rushed downstairs, although that was already too late, but they are still looking forward to the cold UN demands Luochen not an accident, outside the villa a quiet, UN demands instant lengli also face down, Miyoko !

“Little Lord?” looked deserted around, Hesse also instantly rough face darkened, his fists clenched uneasy, he even forgot the cold Luochen not an ordinary businessman so simple.

“That was Miyoko.” infected Hesse chill atmosphere, under UN demands repressed fears indifferent opening toward the cold Luochen docked at the side of the car went over, but fortunately in the cold before he put on the phone the Los Chen locator.

positive when Hesse keep up, when suddenly a car parked on the side quickly, Ishikawa eagles hope to get off quickly, look to the side of the UN demands, laugh extra “fans” who “little hope, I get the information you want. “

“cold Luochen security in exchange.” Admittedly, the UN demands that God “color” contracted distemper, hope to see the eagle eyes Ishikawa also never had a dull and indifferent.

the moment he saw her face, it was when he was a knife stabbing her when it appears God, “color”, it is very cold and distant, Ishikawa eagle Greek Leng Leng stood there a moment, the memory seems to be back to the year UN demands to leave that night.

cold recover sight, UN demands fast Lakaichemen, Ishikawa eagles Chak sinister and lengli, for the crown, he was “forced” to ask a means of cold Luochen certainly extremely cruel.

“are not allowed to go!” slammed look, Ishikawa eagle in front of the Greek grab strong UN demands got thrown the door, face twisted haze watching the front of UN demands, when she is so left him, and this time He is absolutely not allowed her to leave himself, especially to another man.

“Get out!” voice down cold, quietly watching Ishikawa UN demands eagle Greek, indifferent god, “color” actually has a cold Luochen concerns, “Ishikawa Eagle Ze somewhere?”

“Why?” growled violent, mad “chaos” in the eyes with injuries also have anger, Ishikawa eagle gripping UN demands Greek hands, the hands of an angry rejection of the data on the ground, “you and know that the killer is not it? Ishikawa So I went to his profile Eagle Ze do so, why do not you glad? why would you leave me? “

“Enough.” UN demands sound cool, then cut off the Greek Ishikawa eagles, vigorously withdraw caught by his hand, watching his rage at the moment and manic look, “Tell me, Ishikawa, where he brought the eagle Ze to go? “

“no.” angry screaming eagle Greek Ishikawa body to withstand a recession, fast out of the phone, quickly called the Ishikawa eagle Ze phone, “Chen Luo kill cold, I will Yamaguchi-gumi to you. “

call out loudly and carry a small dagger worn “shot” to the Greek Ishikawa eagle wrist, UN demands shadow flash, took his cell phone fell, facing the other end of the Ishikawa Eagle Ze ruthless channel: “If he there is any damage, you have absolutely no command over the Yamaguchi-gumi. “

“cold Luochen you to hurt me?” looked on the injured wrist drop by drop of blood shed, Ishikawa eagles Greek aghast and shocked face has a deep hurt, suddenly burst into hysteric laugh, looking at once In order to draw a knife while her scars just now being planned cross dagger into sin, “a small hope, I will destroy any man beside you!”

no longer hope to see mania Ishikawa eagles, UN demands fast Lakaichemen car as the cosine of the lever toward the distant washed out, while the other

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Goes fine pale little face has been covered with small scars mouth
even he did not venture into the strength of the first destruction Yingkang Kowloon gray dragon and that the end of the ranking, but it singled out the gray dragon fantasy pink dragon, the dragon that one either amplify those two strokes are enough to take him The drink a pot.
not a positive response, Xiongshen can only take evasive approach, nonetheless, the whole dragon circles are barriers that damn light to wrap up his current situation can not concentrate on the hard to destroy it, because his Once the speed has dropped, would have been immediately that two unscrupulous gang fights on cologne!
more hateful, even the old gods of fire Tong fellow sitting at the top of the Silver Dragon, watching him sit and wait to be filled circles Gu Long run around chasing the two, and no added meaning. Instead of letting her see that his own joke, Xiongshen hope she under battlefield, so that he could in a desperate battle. Rather than, as now, blindly dodge.
“Fire Tong Damn you little devil, you have to scrape to kill the enjoyment okay!” Xiongshen growled, but speed is not the slightest reduction, behind Dragon’s Breath spray in the air, thick dark elements let him not the slightest breath of neglect.
fire-tung did not hear Xiongshen seemed as if the whole attention on the mysterious God.
subconscious Moxiang with silver rings on the ears themselves, fire-tung an instruction down, like lightning into the Silver Dragon between Blue Dragon and orange dragon, a light rapid expansion of the gas mask, the white woman and two attack on Cologne resolve.
bombers, tripartite attack is easily bounce.
Dragon Blue Dragon and orange eyes are staring blatantly demonstrate to eight bird wings silver dragon, secretly surprised actually so simple to put the other three parties to resolve the attack go.
Although, because they master it, but no full attack. But the two attacks on the cologne, even then how to control that power can easily crush a boulder ah! Not to mention that the white woman, but cynical effort to attack, and that the strength of large, not that they do more to explain.
but this Silver Dragon gas field opened, actually to resolve the tripartite attack, which made two extraordinarily high self-esteem on the cologne how can one not sweat.
fact that they did not expect the fire Tong Lung Yu actually very gas field now so big, sweeping seeing the pair confident purple eye, fire-tung could not help chuckle loudly.
opinion, this is enough to make the eight-wing Silver Dragon Xiongshen really surprised not only stood looking! Silver Dragon weigh a bit now about eight wing strength, fire-tung necessarily one waved his hand, so that the withdrawal of the Blue Dragon and orange dragon fighting ring.
watching the fire-tung that white woman going to war alone posture, both Blue Dragon and orange dragon hesitated for a moment, but did not dare to back away from any rebuttal, the direction Xiongshen flick away!
white woman when faced with fire-tung! Has not the slightest hesitation, sword itself before a stroke, a posture ready to attack.
“Royal pole, I think of a way to get her faint, you transfer her attack, remember,beats, do not hurt her.” whispered Fire Tong immediately, imperial dragon should be down very soon. between
blink, Tong fire jumped from the silver dragon’s back, the white woman party want to attack, but was a strong wind blocking Silver Dragon’s attack, and immediately opened and the distance between the Silver Dragon,polo outlet, no white woman hesitate to mention the sword attack.
fire Tong landing light, impressively between the arm of a show, a small blue immortality in her palm, which is a flight immortality Dragon – Exhibition dragon wings, once taken down, you can short time with their body’s infuriating turned into a wing of the five elements of air, in the air. This thing is extremely rare, even Mufasa, only three hands only.
not hesitate to blue pills to swallow, suddenly a surge of heat emission from the pubic region, while at the scapula itchy hemp, infuriating her fast will focus on the back. Impressively between a pair of glowing gas silver wings unfold from her back, wings to show, even a full three meters wide.
bass sound, fire-tung’s figure disappeared in the ground blink blink of an eye, her figure has appeared in mid-air.
sky, eight silver dragon wings, and that white women are entangled, apparently,cheap beats, because the fire-tung’s Silver Dragon words and no full attack, but the contrary, that white woman was very sharp attack, if it is now very imperial dragon has been upgraded to eight wing, I’m afraid can not deal with Enron in the woman’s sword.
Even so, Silver Dragon forces want to delay a single name rang once lived nine circles of mysterious God is nothing easy thing, under the two sides deadlocked! It actually gradually fall under the wind.
fire Tong did not immediately shot, but waiting in mid-air, looking for opportunity.
impressively Rooms, Silver Dragon will be war, changing the position of the white woman in the back to fire immediately Tong, missed this occasion, the fire Tong Chong at breakneck speed to fly away. White woman a stabbing attack in the Silver Dragon at the moment, she hitter knife unceremoniously Zhipi slender white woman in the neck.
that strength with strong hands knife, mixed with a Unit of light elements into the white woman’s tendons, impressively room, covered with a burst of white women came paralysis, uncontrolled body out of balance, to fall to!
Fire Tong immediately chase.
However, there is one figure, faster than her white figure moving Nama rushed.
dusky light flashed, fire Tong suddenly staring out to kill that person, slightly surprised.
that suddenly came to kill people, not someone else, but a ghost hiding in the shadows.
moment, he was paralyzed cross-holding of the mysterious God, standing in the wind among the highlights slender figure never had the momentum.
“ghost uncle?” Fire Tong slightly hesitated and did not understand why he suddenly appeared hey.
ghost looked at her, after a moment, he turned to look down to the arms of the mysterious God, slowly opening: “You really look exactly the same, when I first saw you, in guess, you are not God and what mysterious relationship now seems finally solved my doubts. “
ghost’s voice is very low and sweet, actually can not see the meaning of joy, anger.
while his words, let the fire Tong slightly surprised.

sector Dragon – Dragon world 030 Chapter: reunion Ghost
sky suddenly appeared, not only for fire-tung stunned for a moment, and even now fall into four siege on cologne Xiongshen back in time to see that a handful of severely earthquake, which startled, he puts sold to dive back over the Blue Dragon. Blue Dragon quasi Xiongshen see the gap, immediately hit blunt end of a burst of gravity, with a steel barbed tail fiercely pound Xiongshen back.
Even tough as Xiongshen, at this time was so fiercely to Blue Dragon for a moment let him Menheng soon as the whole body weight loss in general drop down towards the ground!
whole body pain, Xiongshen collapsed before landing hastened mind, do not panic barely fell to the ground.
but his mouth but because of the blow, spilling a touch of color.
“Damn!” Xiongshen cursed his careless, dodge dragon attack when they could not help towards that aim to figure suddenly appeared.
darn, how he felt the back so familiar! No! Can not be that talent is that he obviously would have been dead!
regrettable four Xiongshen on cologne will not give too much space to think, violent attack coming soon, and to Xiongshen the strength to deal with the two cologne may also be able to support it, but now four siege on cologne can let him miserable it!
Needless moment, Xiongshen already fall under the wind, four dragon collection so that he could not afford. Dragon eating a meal after a shelling attack, his whole person towards that flew past the barrier of light, to touch on that soon hit the barrier, it came back suddenly as lightning through the pain!
“ah!” scream came from the mouth of Xiongshen, he was covered with large and small wounds, four-color lightning streamed on his body.
just looked far, we can imagine how horrible that power is.
and that no fighting has already beaten the king of the night, looked far is the four-color Lightning wrapped Xiongshen incredible gulped.
I still remember when he promised to come accompanied Xiongshen Dragon community, Xiongshen that confident, looks like a winner, any who would have thought, mobilized three twelve Emperor ranking them, actually defeated as a boy’s hands! Who would have thought more, curse them as bargaining chips in India and the Scourge, actually it would be amazing to suppress the power of light barrier down.
want them to several people, who have suffered such a defeat!
But just today, that kid is always an indifferent look, actually their own power alone, four orders on cologne, soundly defeated them, twelve Emperor’s lost face.
now, I’m afraid is not only him, even Xiongshen I estimated it had already been an amazing strength of the shock of this boy speechless!
“Xiongshen, this is really a shame that we lost big hair!” the king of the night screaming and looking at the Xiongshen more than can be said Xiongshen is their last ace up! Even if he were to get rid of all this, then they completely finished.
But Xiongshen just exactly what was found? Actually exposes the gap?
calm as Xiongshen, such mistakes are almost impossible.
struggling to head, the night sky above the king wanted to confirm exactly what happened, actually always calm Xiongshen messy hands.
However, this view, however, he could not help gasped, his chest as being stepped on his foot monster in general, boring pain endless!
how possible! ! !
tightly staring Nama looming shadow, night king at the moment is not really doubt yourself dreaming.
that the mysterious sky god Hengbao person! screams natural
Xiongshen also passed a fire-tung’s ears, but has lost a threat Xiongshen compared to, suddenly appeared, and some words to say that the ghost uncle, let her be more concerned about.
see ghosts heard Xiongshen horrors, even uttered a chuckle, with that highly magnetic unhurried voice said: “Xiongshen this, but in your hands planted a big somersault, Xiaotong, you than me imagination is more powerful ah. “
Fire Tong slight frown.
in ghosts also want to say what’s opening, the addition Xiongshen light barrier, but suddenly uttered a burst of thunder.
With that came the voice, broken voice resounded around. A golden cracks, except from Xiongshen back toward four weeks spread.
“actually light barrier was broken? how is this possible?” fire-tung Anjiao soon as bad, as it cracks growing, touch a loud noise, then a light barrier would actually broken off from the Ministry of , Xiongshen the barrier is damaged the moment falling to the ground, and from that gap at dozens figure quickly rushed to radially towards the inside rush in!
immediately, fire-tung ordered four cologne toward the intruders fury.
at the last minute and Vulcan Mu wind shield is compromised, the Fire Phoenix, who finally under the guidance of Phoenix, finding the weakest light barrier a reasonable attack in the past, and in one fell swoop to break. Saw to the entrance, the crowd rushed into apart from anything else, for fear of late moment, the souls of those who put them behind to swallow live recorded.
However, they did not think! After just into the interior region, to meet them, was the sweltering fire bombs, and that the flying steel spines. Almost did not give them any little breathing time, greeted him on toward the crowd went up.
“fire shield!” heard Di sounded, the firewall crashed a few meters into the sky, between Vulcan impressively came from behind the crowd, in a timely manner to resolve the oncoming attack.
Vulcan appears to be the crowd reaction time, until the flames subside after Vulcan, the crowd had gracefully posture to meet the enemy.
However, after the flame completely disappeared, in front of the big picture, let them in amazement.
only see the sky, four different colors of the dragon are menacing them round the siege, one always wants to tear them in general.
and everyone felt at that moment the four dragon appeared, but their momentum dragon Suddenly a drop, barely concealed fear herd Maronite heart derived.
when Phoenix, Phoenix Fire dragon from that found four pink dragon moment, eyes immediately changed has changed.
pink dragon immediately noticed two men among the group of people in the other three preparing further attacks on cologne when it apart from anything else, mouthful of spit fire three rounds, leading the three partners will fly to beat out.
suddenly appeared theater scene, so the public can not help but stunned for a moment!
“Sorry, sorry! almost big flush the Dragon King Temple, fight against each other!” pink dragon companions in time to avoid the mistakes immediately with necromancy want everyone explained.
time, HL Knight teenagers who think of it, covered with glowing eyes only pearl-colored dragon, what they have on the boss cologne. As early as in the wind sector, HL Knight and two brothers had been a fire on the pink dragon is quite familiar, but just four dragon suddenly appeared, for a time so that they do not react.
pink dragon was suddenly attacked three on cologne have glared at the angry pink dragon suddenly attacked them, I did not realize it bluntly pink dragon with contempt in the eyes sweep them one, and said: “You can get Thanks to me, you know what people do not know what they are? If they lay a finger injury to carefully direct the owner to kick you out! “
three on cologne slightly surprised, one employing the look down the front of teenagers! !
fire-tung at a distance, watching the group of four on cologne and held between a pair of intruders suddenly disappeared, however, when she discovered an intruder is what people called, goes cool little face, impressively between appeared without any hint of surprise.
immediately, without the slightest hesitation, she and Silver Dragon turned into a silver light rushed past.
“Huang brother, Feng brother!”
familiar voice sounded again after a long absence, Phoenix and Phoenix fire immediately shuddered, eyes blazing through the crowd, looking unto the children who appeared in four cologne on later.
“Xiaotong!” year no young girl finally appeared in front of them, which allows a good fire brothers excited and immediately came around to control the fire dragon Tong, and two pairs of eyes to look down their own sister over and over, she did not have the slightest injury in determining after the sigh of relief and said: “You little guy, really is to make us want to die.”
and public HL teenagers, but also a moment to see the fire-tung red eyes, although only a year’s time, let them find it difficult to verbal thoughts.
look at this situation, do not do more to explain the pink dragon, the other three would have been aware that, in terms of how different their master is in front of this group of teenagers, but fortunately they just do not hurt them, or else ……
“glowing, a few …… this is your big guy?” If the cold side of the water after seeing the fire-tung, eyes flashed a relieved smile, then he looked at the sky a few behemoths Road.
If this is the case, the fire-tung this guy can be got incredible stuff!
Fire Tong nodded.
“Boy, these are not what we had in the dragon can be compared.” touch to bring their own water if the cold forehead, looked up at the giant TV drama four Maronite, to which four of the momentum that comes out, I’m afraid apart from fire Tong is now sitting outside the eight bird wings silver dragon, ruthless Dragon this can not have anything else can match.
This guy booing, once it comes out four, no wonder every time Longshi about her, always a very envious look.
hear praise if the cold water, four raised on cologne are proud leader, Joseph shook tail.
glanced triumphantly those four guys, fire-tung’s Head

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The do not care, anyway,beats headphones, the energy is not small on the right.
“Well, little Qi Shushu, several days did not touch the zither, you itchy, right? Come on, give us Dan Yiqu, ah ~ ~ on ‘Moonlit Night’ good.” Li Xun then nodded funny, aim at the corner of the room with his eyes have been watching the ridicule Zheng Qi Kay said.
Qikai delicate muzzled children laugh, shake his head, his arms a Fan Zhonglin to rely on, it is somewhat Meiyanrusi then an angry Lee Hoon, smiling as if to steal a chicken little fox like to say : “No ~ ~ ~ I want to play the ‘porcelain’ peach, help me with flute accompaniment it ~ ~ ~ ~”
“…… oh ……? (? _?)? Okay ~ ~” Li Xun Ji Ling then called exaggerated, rubbed his arm on the goose bumps, very reluctantly nodded his head, and Li Jianjun reciting Fan Zhonglin Big laughter, obediently get a flute out and stood beside Kai Qi,cheap beats by dr dre, phony children bow toward the audience made a gentleman’s fancy bow, facial features curved, smiling together along Qikai show up.
words, this song very fond of children, but Qikai it like to listen to, like bombs, also likes to sing. While playing the zither Qikai looked like that classic ladylike elegance like focus, but also very fond of natural Li Xun, she is more like, it is to see Fan Zhonglin appreciate Qikai play, the kind of affection in full through empathy with hot eyes, the kind of love is in the air, that if only each other’s gaze, and then really let Li Xun exceptionally envy.
“Well, I want to listen to children below the song ‘沧海一声笑’” Fan Zhonglin strong drum with the palm, get enough to coax up, Li Jianjun, warm light and soft Ouyang Father they point their big heads, Lee leisurely little friends are Ah followed served as a sicko.
a time, Lee’s children in a small courtyard laughter, piano, flute, singing, choral sound, the sound of childish booing each other …… After
had the first experience, for the kind of pain osteoclasts, Li Xun then feel like I can cope with, at least, she knows how to deal with the, and she found space in the spa seems to have a very clear the effect of physical recovery, even though she was actually painful to endure two hours of torture, but soak in the hot springs,cheap beats, she felt as if his physical exertion will be a little slower.
even the bathtub dipping into the hot springs pool of water inside, and that the water there is no trace of a high concentration of liquid are not reduced. However, there is a problem is that, when Li Xun then re-dipping back into the bath water in the pool, again sensing that the spa, which will restore the clear water, do not she’s going to get buckets, and even spring huts before she does not need to get down to play up, as long as your mind a move like O (∩ _ ∩) O Ha this is really too easy ~ \\ (???) / ~ la la la
Ran Li Xun exceptionally happy faces are full of smile, let the breeze into the bathroom to see her Shitai is extremely pleased, although Li Xun de force contingent still speechless, anyhow hear the breeze Shitai into the bathroom, she opened her eyes, we can see, this time of pain and did not let her out completely lost consciousness, and this is a big progress in the breeze Shitai actually do not know is that Lee had smoked halo contingent fact, just maybe is changed prescription child better,beats by dre, perhaps because by chance, in short, at a time when coming to Lee Hoon then woke up from a kind of trance state, and this automatic wake up, than the kind of people into the timing is called woke up to a lot, and this should also be called progress …… it ……
outside since the night had twice the time, Li Xun will then have all the practice time on the evening, the time of day in addition to classes, more than the original some time with his family, especially small children’s shoes to accompany Lee leisurely growth, the most obvious is that the film was quickly consumed children and tapes, at this time there is no DV, you want to record the growth of the baby brother to rely on the camera and recorder.
Fortunately, buying film and tapes have children to look for cheaper places, then just let Li Xun did not feel too much heartache, but cameras and tape recorders do not have a replacement, unless it is given away, otherwise Li Xun then really not going to spend The money wasted, and this time she really miss Past that sell cabbage price of digital products.
“…… ha ha ha ha ha …… ……”
saw the latest one is the big black thing down wooden house, and Li Xun then could not help but laugh at the dumb, then broke out in a burst of frenzied hilarious, just smiled a smile, his eyes involuntarily shed tears, slowly I do not know what time, laughter turned into cries, the more the more sad crying, lying on the ground, crying Li Xun then no image at all.
original, the original is his unrequited love
these books, these things are all over this space to copy
or is transferred from relationship with Zhang Jun Yan
half dime are not
Otherwise, how to explain these things?
this computer, this notebook, this card digital camera, this phone, this phone, this fax machine, printer …… all this all these electronic products are all natural Li Xun Past lovey these rocks can not be burned to Zhang Jun own ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
lying on the floor, Lee Hoon then cried no tears, just blankly, and there is the focus at the ceiling, mind …… do not know what it’s like children, do not know how long, I heard like a long wheezing sound like a sigh, and then came from the mouth of Li Xun, sour eyes slowly closed, just lying there quietly, this time, she really did not know what they thought, mind blank.
this end of the bar, past the last nameless implicated, in this moment, the end of the bar.
life, was given the day, is a rare opportunity, let me live it hard.
but ……
Past all suffered injuries, all the tears flowing, are not affected by white, will not flow in vain owe me, hurt me, I will get back to double and I also keep the family Together, double happiness mouth, and slowly brought back, fingers, and slowly shook a fist, then slowly smoked Lee opened his eyes, a deep breath, propped the body slowly stood up, as if standing on the cloud In general, the faint out of the cabin, across the creek, gradually, more and more steady pace, more practical, more leisurely.
splash, jumped into the water in a warm, relaxing swim up until no trace of the body’s strength, Li Xun then it will teleport himself back on the wooden floor in the large bedside, secretly smile towel rub Yeguo rub the water, turn teleport himself on the big bed, holding the quilt sleeping in the past.
alas …… next time do not go crazy, thanks to the floor and clean ah ……
belly full of slept after Li Xun However, the mood began to pack super nice wooden box “gift”, take the same affinity as the same place in the same cabin, laid out with these things are to be remembered electricity, and not be able to use the electric light, no Internet, no Baidu ladies, no mobile network, no …… a lot of things, could not help but scratched his head and chuckled self-deprecating, also on the side, and there is no Because of these and spend more mind, turned to practicing it.
Ran Li Xun did not find that she now had a hint of change of mind, as once entangled in a past life things are not perfect and some subconscious pursuit, but at the moment, but she can really indifferent in the face of the missing, the focus of attention into the hands possess.
this, really good.

Cap 192 troubles, tangled, lay down

Although Li Xun then he did not notice, but the next morning, followed by Li Xun then do together early lesson breeze Shitai feel a hint of a different, she found Lee Hoon then this little girl seems to be more calm and indifferent than usual Lane, But she is very natural trace these changes attributed to withstand the force of the pain exercise, saying that the kind of unforgettable pain are able to withstand this girl down, with a trace of change is not a natural thing on what mood?
involuntary, then nodded slightly older nuns, although I think the little girl is so young age, children generally some small adults …… some distressed, but this is a good sign, growth does not necessarily worry thing.
In fact, there will be trouble really growing.
“Xiaoxun ah, you should change a violin, and now channeling your child so soon, this size violins have been inappropriate. while I go buy you a piano bar.” Ouyang Father brow slightly wrinkled forward, looked carefully Lee Hoon then just put in the hands of the violin, instead gently laughed, then reached out and patted Li Xun’s arm, comforting nodded.
Li Xun then slightly surprised a moment, looked down at the hands of several years with this violin, could not help it is somewhat sad, but no way, she is now the height of channeling more quickly, this time more than five meters, but … … “Father, can not be directly used to buy the normal size of a adult? provinces have changed over the years, this thing is very expensive.”
“Oh …… little miser
size descending into violin 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, 4/4 size fits arm length 60cm above age 11 years old to adults; 3/4 size fits arm length 56.5-60cm, ages 9-11 years old; 1/2 size fits arm length 52-56.5cm, ages 6-10 years old; 1/4 size fits arm length 47-52cm , ages 4-7 years old. 1/16-1/8 size violins essentially as a model or furnishings majority. Arm length refers to the distance from the palm of his left hand up to the left neck at the end.
you this violin is half, and now you this long arms legs child, with the four quarters of the line, the beginning of time may be somewhat accustomed to, but a few days just fine, say you do not want a professional school, buy a plain on the line, not very expensive.
the line, while I went to a trip, the way to help you ask Grading thing, the total can not learn is not white? Taking advantage of free child put the certificate now get our hands on, in the future if you want to earn some pocket money you can own children what to do classes, teach kids also quite interesting. “
Ouyang Father patiently explained, Li Xun What, then heard nodded, sitting beside Li Jianjun and warm shallow Sophie looked confident mentoring two, could not help but to smile, Oh, really own doll Is it time to grow into a big girl flies ……
yes ah, time flies really fast too
in Lee Hoon then this redoubling did not stop learning in life, time is the rapid forward flowing, simply do not give Lee Hoon then no amount of preparation time, no, it should be said Li Xun then deliberately let yourself busy, and in to accept the kind of pain endurance training Tongrugusui the same time, the success of the Li Jianjun pulled attention to his body, so he went to attempt to avoid too much attention to political issues.
But desire is good, but the reality does not shift with the people’s will.
As reported in the newspaper and to Qikai this notification message when the secretary, or the open what was taken away, and then find Jianjun Li Xun really like the mood somewhat calm, and this, and then could not help but let the heart Li Xun Di Liu are up.
“Dad ~ ~ your mood recently, it seems unlikely Ay ~ ~ talk chant, to hear that good or bad?” Rolling in the generous warmth of his father’s arms, big eyes blink blink ah, Lee then smoked while children hanging heart, while children with the baby in those tempted to ask.
sighed softly, her daughter on the cheek hair that falls rope open heart Jianjun slightly wry smile, Oh, this sensitive child ah …… “doll, ah, you really want that darn kid After a good hurt again …… ah …… go lesson him? “
“amount? (⊙ o ⊙) … how do you ask?, I really think he was good to hear a whole, but did not want to go their own hands ah to mess with me if he does not, then temporarily forget it, I do not know if he was life and death to me a good excuse, then why not? “
Jianjun hear some silly, it is powerless and speechless for a while, but le, they feel that their baby doll has a generous enough, they think this girl is really some trifled with, got into a lifetime of luck cough it …… Oh, Really do not know what to say, weird smells in ……
After a long pause, Li Jianjun was the face of a board, some serious, said: “Baby, remember that if someone really wants to go to suppress, it must be crisp weak when he completely eradicated, never leave a shred of troubles, otherwise seriously harm endless, sometimes relented last maybe give rise to unbearable consequences, the most important thing is, the poor boy Mo bully you never know what the future will be other opportunities, what development Whether to treat anyone, can not look down or look at it a while, but can not feel how the great, proud, arrogant, but these undesirable ah. “
“…… Dad ~ ~ ~ This is your bad mood these days, why?” Lee Hoon then drifting Jisi black forehead lines, although Dad said it is the philosophy of life, but these themselves know, ah, And he seems and no bullying, snob such behavior, right? Not to mention the behavior, that is, the trend did not ah ~ ~
scratched his head, some slightly flushed face Jianjun, Li Xun Hey smile will then patted his arms, some frustration, said: “Be it, hey, I think the day you and seasoned …… cough, and Some say your master not appropriate, these days you’ve been worried about this girl just learn some skill, and went to bully kids, it can be bad, you know? Bala Bala Bala …… “
forehead felt significantly thicker black line, variable length, but also extends out some twigs, gradually converging well-shaped dress, looked like a lady earnestly general gossip father, Lee Hoon natural warm heart as if round warm winter sun, ah incredibly incredibly comfortable, small head point ah point, with small insects like bowed, eyes are full of reverence sparkling naked, shining Jianjun this father more is more proud of that, then it will be more of the endless ……
say ah say both father and daughter did not know how long, this is the big lie idle chatting in bed taking a nap before the results of the two said, are gone sleepy twitter bustling say, until the habit of napping Li Jianjun barely longer, the parent-child time is considered over.
and then close your eyes meditatively Li Xun finally know, the reason his father tangled mood these days, what with the political situation is simply not a cent of the relationship, he simply is tangled in its own military value of this doll baby boom, afraid of their own young and frivolous, to provoke people should not provoke or attracted unnecessary trouble, and yet not with the old nuns what to say, but also afraid of hurting his own heart qi children, do not know how to teach their baby dolls go short, tangled tangled ah, will somewhat overwhelmed.
alas …… poor parental love ah ……
able to get such a result, is not considered to own a small victory? Well, it seems like this is not right ……
result, a happy finally said Li Jianjun’d slept exceptionally fun, that grunt is played loudly, but yet Li Xun contingent to the confused tangle up, never a shred of drowsiness.
Dazed and Confused yet? Maybe ……
but to be honest, I heard the dragon Xiaosong said so himself, and then really let Li Xun pressure fire children are hid, although it is clear that she really should not have cursed the last out, if replaced by the kind of past cold indifference, perhaps even more good results, but those words are really pressed for too long, past life because this darn kid, just let Li Xun then by a great shame, those strange eyes, whispering, talking, secretly ridicule

cheap beats by dre solo

Janet took the prize, I must thank you properly! “David excited voice came out of the phone.

Han Arden when woke up. “You say is true?”

“of course, is true!”

“Great! David, I’m going to tell them the good news!” Then, Han Ya hung up the phone, out the door, talk to them to report the good news!

128 ready to be released

because the film passed the audit, so they began to prepare Han Ya release this thing.

release date is the U.S. time at 20:00 on December 24 released worldwide (time is my crap, we do not tangle ah), this day, David got a whole theater package, invited circles Friends came to watch the movie.

Han Ya think this is a little too big, and not so politely advised David.

David said, this movie is definitely a milestone, it must be a high-profile, to let them know that after that they love to shoot a movie, not someone over this department.

can not exceed the portion of Han Ya do not know, she only knew this continues, the director David absolutely becomes jealous of all the characters. A movie so shine, more than …… to shoot several people when they were tired of David certainly more than one person, and her! David’s words may have been said out, but also not being paid, the Han Masaya had sighed, going to bite the bullet and go to the premiere of that time.

school, Hall recently did not make the front to Han Ya Huang, Shirley’d run every day to medical school, claiming to be nine days of hardcore fans, Ya Han asked for autographs. Former THEMIS dodging people, now is the Han Ya dodging Shirley.

Shirley Fortunately, if a man says, but she happens to be a woman, how you let ya Han said, blaming her? She is a student liaison minister, and that time offended students, they may not be better than the day in school. Beat her? No kidding, Han Ya can never hit a woman! Ignore her? You ignore her, she will care about you ah! You can imagine that a person in your ear kept saying how nine days,beats headphones, how kind, how nine-how. Over a few days as one day, a day to repeat these with you, you will not have crazy feeling? After much deliberation. Han Ya decision, dodging her!

After class, Shirley always came to the door of Medicine, has been Han Ya can not wait for it, finally saw THEMIS,beats by dre, she stopped THEMIS. “THEMIS! Jiumei you have not seen?”

THEMIS cold retreating steps. “Jiumei home early, you do not see her out? Medical school has no one, and I advise you to go to her house to find her better.”

“left? did you lie to me?” Shirley does not believe that she had been at the door, Han Ya want to go home. Definitely want to leave here, but she has been waiting here, and did not see Han Ya out from the door. So Shirley’s first reaction is to THEMIS lying to her!

THEMIS bother to her, leaving the sentence out of the door. “You do not believe it myself into it, see if there is nobody there.”

Shirley really run into teaching building looked around, but found the building in addition to teaching,cheap beats, Professor Andrew. On a person as well. She left frustrated Medicine, made up his mind to early tomorrow, waiting for her to class together, no longer afraid of Han Ya secretly slipped away.

until Shirley gone, Han Ya was drilled out of the bushes, secretly got into the THEMIS’s car.

saw her up. THEMIS shook his head, start the car. “I say to you, you can not find a way to satisfy my curiosity Shirley, so he will not haunt you.”

“That I might as well put myself gave her anatomy good!” Han Ya rolled his eyes, “Go! hurry home, if you wait for the next to Shirley found that I was still in school, I’m sure not run! I told You said Shirley launched their community outreach person, my photos of their community outreach staffing a person. who if they saw me and told Shirley I am with you, to the time we were finished! brisk walking ! “Then she slid down the body, leaning back in his chair, so that from the outside, the car is only one person THEMIS.

THEMIS heard this, one step on the gas, and soon left the school.

As Han Ya guess as liaison person is holding a picture of her medical school classmate asked, and asked if anyone saw her what time to leave school.

and Shirley, then drove to his own home near Han Ya, ya want to see Han exactly not at home.

sitting on the car’s Han Ya sudden shiver. “THEMIS, go to David! We do not go home!”

“Why?” THEMIS although asked, but still turn directions.

“Because I have a feeling that Shirley definitely went to my house! So now I can not go back, we go directly to David there, at night when I go back together with Huang them, so Shirley can not see you, you will not find you are in trouble, too will believe I would have to go back, and even went out with them. “Han Ya sit up,” In fact, if not then like nagging Shirley, I’d like to be friends with her, but … Marking son … this made me feel uncomfortable, even if she wanted to be friends, I do not have the courage to make friends with her. “

THEMIS noncommittal, groupies is understandable, but excessive Starchaser, will not be able to understand. Shirley’s behavior, Han has already had an impact on the lives of Jacob, go on like this, either Han Ya transfer, either, Shirley stop. May now, let Shirley stop this behavior is unlikely.

THEMIS Han Ya to the house of David, on the drive back, and today he has some things in the family, you can not stay for dinner with them.

knocked on the door of the house of David, Han Ya flash inside.

Jenny Han Ya looked furtive look, could not help but laugh. “Jiumei, what are you doing? How confused the same with their lives?”

“I am now is the time to escape!” Han Ya finally relieved, he saw the Spirit of Ni complain. “Third Sister, I think we need another place to live, and that place almost become someone else’s it. Every day staring at the reporter, who is also staring at the school, is a private space are not really in trouble!”

David heard it, he inserted a sentence. “You can buy a house in a nice villa, then hire some people, this is not enough.”

“is very easy to buy a house, but for now, buying a house is not yet ripe.” Han Jun Yu Huang Ya Ku Gualian watched, touched her head, facing David said: “David, these Let Xiaoya live in your day here, we have a house that is not very safe and we do not go back temporarily, but Xiaoya on some issue. movies soon released, Xiaoya this writer is very compelling, so …… “

David a promise of a down, “no problem, but the school over there ……”

“class, I’ll call him Jose drove past, such as after class let Jos put her back to you. etc. We bought his own house, and then she was back then.” said Yan Jue Jose hit a telephone.

Joss was saying things with people, see the Yan Jue phone, so he walked into the room, just pick up the phone. “Something?”

“ah! we intend to buy their own house, to the time you can not borrow our point person, to protect what Jiumei security.” Yan Jue no nonsense, direct call to tell their own purposes.

“This is no problem, how some people find you in trouble?” Jos gently picked brow, in static thing, he has handled well, arguably, in the quiet of this woman is not going to find them in trouble. Or …… emergence of new variables, so that they care.

Yan Jue faint “ah” sound. “Jiumei been eyeing at school, around the house is always someone watching over us, it is …… Jiumei do not like the environment, we do not like this time around Jiumei will live here in David, Pick-school class needs people do not know that you have no time to pick Jose look Jiumei? “

Jose on nodded, “Yes, I wait for the next thing was busy working on the past and you let her do not worry, little things, I will give you deal with.”

“Good!” Yan Jue hung up the phone. “Well, Jose said, the little things he gave us to deal with, these days Jiumei school to school, they have Jos pick you up. Wait until the house somehow, security issues, arranged for people to come from the Jos the. “

Han Ya finally put half of the heart, holding a comfortable pillow on the sofa. “Hey …… I have to move up …… In fact, I quite like the house of Victor, the pity. By the time we buy a set of what kind of house?”

“I think you need to buy two,cheap beats by dr dre, or certainly no room.” David kindly reminded.
Baek Seung Los
few nodded, agreed David’s words.

dinner, David, home to the guests, who are responsible for the largest movie theater in Los Angeles, he is the time to finalize.

when David saw his face clearly do not believe a movie premiere time, when the need for a responsible person to confirm the total? When he saw the man’s eyes staring straight Han Ya, David will have a number in mind. With him a few polite, set the time, but also put people off the.

Soon, David came home with people, this time a large Christmas party invitation Ni Ling wanted to show, of course, is that first they value my heart forever. Ni Ling euphemistically said to be ready to record nine new songs in English, even to go to the party, but also is now nine days to go. If you just invite her to a man, then she can only say sorry.

an anxious man, went off to fight a lot on the phone, and finally determined, invited to participate in nine days of Christmas with New Year’s party, but nine days must be new works.

Han Ya a promised down, so a good opportunity to play popular, how she could let go! Twelve songs, she was written out, although only a few days, but still very abundant!

man went away satisfied.

Han Ya little fox watching the same smile, Jun Yu Huang smiled gently. This girl definitely give people again framed. The surface is difficult for them for nine days, because in their view a new song, not so easy to write about. But in fact, had intimate knowledge of Han Ya, just waiting for that day, scare them hop.

129 uproar

U.S. time 7:00 pm, in the auditorium of David under the package after another has started to come up.

Han Ya sitting in the middle, holding the magazine, with a straight face, silent.

fact, she did not want to pout, but no way, not with a straight face, that the reporter should came over.

Michael arrived, he saw her with a straight face, sat helplessly holding a magazine look. In Ya Han sat down beside Michael took the magazine. “How to sit here and read a magazine? I see so many reporters are afraid to go in front of you join in, you put people how?”

“What people how I put up, you should ask them to put me how?” Han Ya snatch a magazine, stick a pouting, “Michael, you do not know where they come to the interview, they I can not wait to eat! really, all of them have asked me what time the next one works out, how do I know when it came out …… written, I will never finish, naturally can not get out of. asked, I go to give them an answer! “

patted her and Michael would chuckle: “Jiumei, do not get angry, in fact, the entertainment industry has been a long time not such a good film they saw the trailers, I liked the movie, so you will be anxious to ask next. a work out when you want to know that once they saw hope, will not give interviews. “

“hey ……” Han Ya on sighed, “Actually I do not let them interview is that I do not want to write anything good under a just.” previous life abroad so many classic movies, which she wrote in the end first one does?

Michael listened want to vomit blood, people are racking their brains to write a, dead tired to live, she booing, I do not know what to write first. “Jiumei, you have a lot of stories?”

“ah …… a lot.” Han Ya Michael threw the magazine, she did not see the magazine mood.

Michael listened very silent.

time. David brought a few not very young man walked in front of Han Ya, to introduce them. “This is the only script of my future, you call her Jiumei enough.”

“So you’re Jiumei, you give David the script I read and write well!” an elderly Han Ya has looked kindly smile.

see come, Michael quickly got up to let them out of position.

Han Ya do not know how to address him, so he looked at David.

“This is my teacher, called Berg.” David told Han Ya introduction.

“Berg, hello.” Han Ya directed at Berg half bowed.

“Jiumei very polite, I hope you can write more good script.” Berg directed at Han Ya nodded. Ya Han pointed to a location around. “I can sit here and you?”

Han Ya to quickly nodded, “Berg. sit down.”

Berg sitting on the left hand side of the Han Ya, the rest were themselves looking for a place to sit.

“your” Romeo and Juliet “I also see, I know you signed a contract with David, but …… if you wanted to make this movie. could allow me to shoot together with David?” Berg on the use of prayer looked at her.

Ya Han and David looked at his eyes with a request, stiff nod, it really is both teacher and student directed two …… Anyway, a director nor poor, ah, David himself willing, in fact, no need to asked her. “That …… next one, I think is the film” Romeo and Juliet “it. Still shoot the individual. Hey …… Unfortunately, I do not know which one the audience liked some more ……”

Berg’s eyes flashed a surprise, “Jiumei feel a lot of the story? can talk with us?”

“This …… wait until after the premiere, we went to the house of David talk about it.” saw the reporters craned their necks to hear their conversation. Han Ya some melancholy, hollow laugh or two, do not mute it. Greater respect for her to do it, let her in so many people can say that in front of a story, if people listen to it. Shoot out the first step, she may not Ou dead!

Berg looked on the direction toward the reporter. Understanding nod, do not ask.

eight whole movie start on time.

known as “the miracle of the world’s industrial history,” the luxury liner Titanic began their maiden voyage from Southampton, England bound for New York departure. Wealthy girl Rose (Jennifer) and mother and fiance Karl got into the first class; the other side, a gamble uninhibited young painter Jack (Michael) also won a pier under such spaces ticket.

Rose tired of the hypocrisy of high society life, unwilling to marry Carl, intended Touhai himself, Jack was rescued. Soon, a beautiful and lively and cheerful Jack Rose love with the handsome Jack with Rose to attend the next dance, such as tanks, for her portrait, two feelings gradually warming.

Sunday night, a calm night. Titanic hit the iceberg, “unsinkable” Titanic wreck facing the fate of Rose and Jack budding love will also undergo the test of life and death.

in the film’s end, Rose of the “Heart of Ocean” into the sea, to show Jack passed away. Then the lens shows in his sleep demise of Rose and her picture. Rose through the icy waters, came to the Titanic, dating back to the stairs and Jack, the two hugged tightly, 1912 shipwrecked people are standing

cheap beats by dre solo

, No matter, what’s the use of crying now. Jiang Rong force tossed head should be at least mischief Jiang Rong-style ghost.
she made up my mind to follow her home just embarked on a journeyman to women.
Suddenly, a huge thrust coming, Jiang Rong has been thrown on the opposite people’s doors, groaning get up again.
“Who are you? actually break into my house? tired of living, right? want me to let you out of their wits, ghosts do not you?”
a tender voice said cold words; Jiang Rong looked up and saw a boy was standing beside her holding arm, Victim.
“I am, I’m looking for people.” Jiang Rong do not know why, look at his eyes were very afraid.
“Whom?” The boy squinted.
“one man, twenty years old, very handsome, very …… he said he was a monster ……” Jiang Rong his mouth, looked at the other side of fear.
“Liu ground?” the boy a frown, “philandering to such a degree, not sparing even the ghosts ……” he muttered cried, his face fierce color’d disappeared. At this time, the house came a woman’s cry: “Little Rui, eat.”
“Well, I’ll come.”
boy instantly put on a sweet and innocent smile sweetly replied, then turned around and pulled a face Jiang Rong said: “You got it wrong, he was upstairs.” Then the fingers of a bomb, summoned the five small ghost , the ghost who commanded said: “She went upstairs to send Liu to find, do not let her run around, scared my mother how to do.” Then they should loudly with:. “Mom, I have to put food” and then back to house.
he was not a ghost, is also a monster? Jiang Rong stare at his door.
“Hey, Aunt Come on, we send you upstairs.” ghost kicked a little kick she said.
“! aunt” Jiang Rong was furious that he was only eighteen years old; these ghosts are innocent child looks like, how to talk so cute.
“nasty, barking up the wrong friends.” blame the ghost of a little girl companion rude, “should be called Aunt fishes.”
“What this country chick you know!”
“Who is the country chick!”
“says who?”
kid almost two struggling together, several other quickly tried to mediate. Jiang Rong was their quarrel mind dizzy, she usually hate noisy kids, did not think the child is still alive imp than noisy. Anyway, already know the destination, so her upstairs journeyman.
Jiang Rong came to the door on the sixth floor door mediocre, but are hesitant because they can not knock whether the wall into the room, the five little ghosts and catch up. They came to the door one sixth of that family,beats by dre, even down to be honest, I let you push, the last one seems to get the biggest front door knocked cautiously.
“Who is it?” door sounded a young woman’s voice. They heard the sound of a kid,beats headphones, it seems relieved, even knocked another. “Come, come, who …… Hey, this is not a fox Guishi well? You something?” The door opened and a young woman with a laptop with a kitchen knife in one hand and carrying a mouth pot, a kitchen just panic out look.
“Liu in it?” imp who are constantly asked to the house.
“in ah, you find him.”
“No, no, this is his girlfriend.” Jiang Rong kid who push forward, “the main fact we have people doing their homework, say good-bye.” Then they ran away like a wildly away.
“Liu to a girlfriend’s scope has expanded, even the ghosts have! No, no …… I did not say anything ……” the woman cried after blurting out, in turn promptly corrected himself, warmly greeted Jiang Rong, ” come, please come, you’re welcome! Liu ground,cheap beats, your girlfriend! “
“Who is it?” With the lazy voice, Jiang Rong looking for the man got up from the couch, looked Jiang Rong one, “how do you find here? I look is handsome, but you do not so ah, Guier will be jealous of. “
touch! The woman in the hands of pot to hit Liu’s face.
Jiang Rong people sitting in this room and there is not much difference in the general house, looked at everything inside.
in the kitchen busy woman called Guier, claiming Shangui. And that long legs lying on the sofa, almost exclusively throughout the sofa, munching apples, while watching TV, man Liu ground, is said to be a wolf, 瑰儿 said he also to bread guests. The owner of the house is a sunset that was sitting in the window under cross-legged with eyes closed, motionless, looks extraordinary young man, 瑰儿 said he called Zhou Ying, is a shadow charm – in short, the house plus Jiang Rong yourself, no one is human. And Jiang Rong just saw a boy called Lin Rui, is a Nine-Tailed Fox; those five little devil called Guishi, is kind of between a ghost and monster thing.
Jiang Rong was found after his death, he lived in a terrible city, how many dangerous creatures lurking four weeks.
homeowners Zhou Ying has been “practicing” while watching sitcoms Liu to the boring, simply ignore her; 瑰儿’d both kind and talkative, but she has been busy in the kitchen. Since no one to catch himself, Jiang Rong Lai made up his mind down; she was sitting on the side, bored look around.
bedroom while her grunts to attract in the past.
unlatched the door from inside, Jiang Rong saw bed asleep an incredibly cute pet, it is a red bird, chubby,cheap beats by dr dre, hairy, being overturned snoring, sleep seems very satisfied.
really cute, Jiang Rong’s favorite small animals. A closer look at the bird, actually only one paw was hurt it?
really poor ah, now It does not hurt anymore, right? She could not help but reach out to touch him go.
WHACK! Zhou Ying do not know when appeared at her side, holding her wrist tightly, calmly said:. “Fire child is a beast, you touched him, will immediately wits, into nothingness.”
“! ah, ah …… you hurt me,” Jiang Rong broke from his hand, returned to the living room, then heard Zhou Ying is the bird cried softly: “Fire children, eat.”
“meal! do it? do it?” voice had hit a red shadow will appear in front of Jiang Rong.
He looked up and down the river Yung again, and cried aloud:!! “I protest against the dinner I ate at least a ghost monster meat, steak, sugar Barracuda or human right Guier, shadow, you abuse! me! I refuse to eat! “He flew on the roof, who spew flames, little flames kept him from falling down.
“Today demon eating stewed meat and fried in muscle – that is to Liu’s girlfriend, not allowed to eat!” Guier in the kitchen called, “If you then burn the sofa and curtains, I’ll dish drained!”
“wow, I’m starving! quickly brought!” Firebird flew into the kitchen and soon several plates holding out to Tixia Qu Liu kick from the couch, grabbed the remote control, go to Cartoon Network , ate and read.
This is not a pet, but a bully at home …… Jiang Rong grinned.
Liu from the ground up, grabbed a cushion to fire children crushed fire children also put the ashtray on the table immediately throw it back, and then to reveal Liu is a claw claws, and fire billowing flames children are systemic , refused to yield to a wing beat up; They hit so banging together. Guier edge threat: “Fire child, called blanket manner, do you care to eat you!” Side rushed over fences, but results that are not, so he waved pot pat.
Jiang Rong hiding in a corner, stunned. “You’re a little further away from the flames of fire child, all right.” Zhou said quietly beside shadow.
Jiang Rong looked crushed cotton flying group (fly from torn cushions inside out), fire sofas, broken Aigui, broken coffee table, TV smoke and found the most important issue now is not in the their side.
two days down, thanks to the enthusiasm 瑰儿 talks, Jiang Rong finally have a preliminary understanding of this house monster. Liu to be a rogue, dirty tricks, bad monster flower (fire children say), every day for weeks eating white shadow home mixed live.
fire child is just a very powerful beast, eat, drink plus daily bullying, Jiang Rong initially for his “cute” impression long vanished, and my heart kept fortunate only Firebird ghosts are not interested.
Guier how to look like a monster, while operating her flower shop, while the housework, but more like a happy housewife humans. But her relationship with Zhou Ying’s actually teach people could not guess, is the lover and not say that it is a friend, but also a bit too close. Zhou Ying was a taxi driver, only the night train, often after working with the “prey” to come back – it was horrible, people sit in his car as if riding on a nuclear bomb, like, right? But he never went out during the day, sitting in the sun all day practicing. Today, as usual, another week shadow sitting in the sun under the window, and Jiang Rong is constantly spinning around him, staring at him seriously carefully.
here only consistent Jiang Rong minds monster impression, only Zhou Ying: the night wandering in the city, arresting people eat during the day to concentrate on practice, an inscrutable look; seems that he wants to become a ghost Key cents on him. These days, Jiang Rong good times saw the angels, monks spin out the window, but they also seem to abandon what the rules wildly, and not into the house. And of course, scared Rong Jiang did not dare to step out, she may be reluctant to somehow cheated to what heaven or hell to go.
weeks that turn a blind eye shadow cross-legged posture can be maintained throughout the day, Jiang Rong so simply squatted down in front of him, holding a patient face to see.
and Guier also quietly staring Jiang Rong.
Liu originally thought this ghost is hooked on to a new lover, who knows whether she simply Liu ground, but she did not go chasing Liu ground, but to circle around the circumference shadow. Guier guess what her idea of ​​playing in the end, even from week to see her shadow is now getting closer, almost climbed Zhou Ying face.
“Guier, shadow handsome, right? the ghost staring at him yet.” Even children are aware of the fire wrong, lying in Guier ear whispered. In his mind, Zhou Ying Liu of course, be more than a hundred times on the ground commander.
Guier could bear.
“Why are you staring at him?” Guier near Rong Jiang, try to use casual tone asked.
Jiang Rong, etc. too preoccupied, and casually say the truth: “have waited a few days, how he did not put nedan spit it?”
瑰儿 frown: “What alchemy??”
“no …… ha ha ha ha.” said Jiang Rong accidentally slip of the tongue, quickly name haha ​​conceal their own purposes.
“No! Of course not!” Jiang Rong loudly denied.
“I remember the ancients did have a lot of notes novel plot, taking advantage of a ghost when the fox stole concentrate on practicing his inner alchemy, a swallow, you can have magic, become Gui Xian, you must also read those The story, right? “
Guier grabbed each other’s pigtail, said triumphantly.
“No, I do not framed.” Jiang Rong thought he killed can not be admitted, otherwise it will be off.
“But then, you got the wrong object, the shadow of the week practicing different, he did not alchemy.” Guier gave her heavily poured cold water.
“No, how would! that, that …… how do I do?” Jiang Rong suddenly anxious.
Guier shrugged: “You do not look at me, I did not come there to practice the alchemy of fire children, he does not need to practice alchemy Moreover, even if there is, we also make sense to you ah …”
“I did not intend to be you, just borrow it back to you.” Jiang Rong wronged Duqi mouth.
“then you might as well go to Liu, the otherwise downstairs fox line.” Guier pointing her.
“They have alchemy?” Jiang Rong eyes light up. !
fire children scuttled before her, looked at her fiercely: “If you dare idea fox stuff, but be careful, I burned you steal Liu ground, I support you – maybe you’ll be eating him off, all right, let him eat unpalatable things up. “He seems to want to beat Jiang Rong few to show encouragement, but the thought of ghosts beat this thing becomes a fly smoke, and refrained .
Jiang Rong sitting in the moonlight, a kind of comfortable feeling; she had never seemed so true faced moonlight. Looking out the window, the city’s neon lights and busy, it seems so far away, just like the way the moon was true.
Zhou Ying with fire children out to work, Jiang Rong today can not imagine what they will fall prey to their hands. Liu did not appear to have these days, and 瑰儿 house next door, after she finished here, take care of the housework, they ran back to his house to wash the sheets. Usually always busy “monster house” that now empty places left xiajiang Yung ghost. These two days down, like Jiang Rong has been lively in love with this creature composed by the inhuman, but always happy little family, but now it was left alone in the dark, all the happiness seems to have left her gone.
Anyway, himself already dead, although previously there have been “so alive as good as dead,” the idea, but did not want to eighteen years old when he died, ah, why they have to the age of eighteen dead can not ……
I will not cry for this thing too!
Jiang Rong immediately stood up.
death is dead, what is so amazing! Anyway alive now are not necessarily better than a lot; does is dead and has been, what I care about Jiang Rong? Now do whatever they want, go where, and nobody, nobody to ? Winded, but did not think people always use their own, what is bad.
Although there is no music, Jiang Rong has dramatically swing limb, danced her favorite dance. She likes to swing the body so warmly, enthusiastically dancing, you can let her forget everything dance ……
jump alone, I do not know how long, I do not know the body or mind, tired to give birth to an abrupt; Jiang Rong slumped sat down, arms knees, buried her face in which …… why me, why? I want to die …… why me dead, so many people of the world, why me ……
“Why do not you turn on the lights at night to see it?” Guier’s voice sounded in the house, and then lights up. Jiang Rong hurriedly turned her head to the window, snappily said:? “You taught me how to turn on the lights, I can not Youmo there.”
“on Oh, you’re a ghost, but if you are willing to practice like Zhou Ying as intentions, do ten things you can touch.” Guier took a big bag of snacks and sat down beside her, “and a few three decades or so, and even eat things are OK. “
Jiang Rong for eighteen years, the decades, it’s too far away a few years later: “Ten years down easily put three years, how old are you???”
“56.” 瑰儿 immediately replied, “In my age, would be more suitable to become 15 or 16 girls, but …… well, too many constraints to be subject to the minors.”
“fifty-six ……” This figure allows Jiang Rong think of my grandmother, “So you are so much older.”
“big? our age can not be calculated using the method of mankind, fire children are more than three years old, still a child, what he can grow to over a thousand years, can live for several years, you can live a few years, ah, now began to practice on the line. “
“I will not, I hate learn.”
“then so have Dili Ooze night.”
“Emperor Ooze?”
“one kind of right to promote the practice of eating something, the next is from the moon on July 15 Gengshen down …… midstream.”
“Gengshen lunar years …… I do not know, just tell me what year is the year?”
瑰儿 calculated that: “…… Well, Well …… next time is two ○ 四○ 年.”
Jiang Rong suddenly his head hanging down, it seems that he is no hope.
“So you want to be Guixian ah, that was a gradual job – although I have not qualified to say Daoxing

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A sword, a lone line to slowly destroy the wind, his face appeared a touch naive, innocent, full of joy smile. He smiled toward Zhu  \\ hand over to them: “yikes,beats headphones, Gao Yang Wang Highness, when did you come Xiaguan Xiaguan which it does not know how to open the gates to allow you to come quick, quick, you??! What are you delaying? gates open to strike! “
Zhu  \\ see Lu wind that almost sacred face smile, my heart is cold, he keeping a close eye Lu wind, feel the wind and Lu have a great deal with before. Even Lu wind to his senses, and last night that domineering Lydda command, nor is it the same person. Today, Lu wind, more introverted, more erratic,beats by dre, he clearly stood empty phantom seemed like not the slightest anger leak out. Four body
lone skill of faintly off the wind has surfaced seasoned Shuiguang face extremely ugly, they whispered said:. “This person’s Road Act, has come to this realm actually invisible road, his body has also to the invisible realm, especially frightening is that he seems to be a natural element of fire spirit, and see him on top of the ground three flowers. faintly Aura fluctuations inherent fire yuan more. Murong Tian, ​​you do not say that he is an ordinary mortal Why? how he seems to be innate spiritual body? “
wind off alone lone female voice shouted:? … “Shut up, already told you, in the future I have to call off the wind Solitude who Murong Tian Lu is I do not know where the wind is really what is the innate human spirit of? flesh ye not that he has come to the invisible realm of what,cheap beats by dr dre, and how you can see him in the top three flowers? “
four seasoned did not say anything, they looked puzzled Lu wind. They practice the River Road Act, the fire element of spiritual power that is extremely sensitive. Lu wind body, indeed fluctuate from time to time in the spiritual power of the fire element is released, but that it is extremely volatile ground weak,cheap beats, extremely obscure, Lu wind seems to be in a magical land of the Heart to the restrained, unable to let They feel too real. Four seasoned shook his head, as the one suspiciously. Followed Zhu  \\, lone duo off into the wind Yingtianfu.
their town brigade who Magang Gang Lu wind carrying his hands grinning meet up. When it comes to intimacy mouth:? “Oh, my prince, ah, you can come, His Majesty did not know who it is that you miss more than lone general it really is a talented, extraordinary majesty Yeah, when the world is indeed invincible Reggie ground looks like this is also a long four cents Xian Qi attacks, are successful moral character ah. Damn These guard big people, I can see are hardened Predator, it really is extraordinary ah. “
Zhu  \\ somewhat impatient roared: “Lu wind, the less you give the king nonsense, get out last night in the Lao side to go to the city, but not so warm you how to get out, good dog improper road, you do not.? know what? I’m going to meet with His Majesty, you came to do? .. mother yesterday night hello big prestige, dawn to learn how to do people? “
street people who, far too long to avoid it. One is the big leader Guard. Those behind him to see his face murderous Guard, you know not mess with people. One is what the princes, it is the characters move untouchables. This way two people quarrel took place, he is still early to avoid the good side, to save the fish pond was a disaster for the ah.
lone wind pulled off Zhu  \\ hand, Zhu  \\ hum twice, do not speak. Solitude is also off the wind on his face, hand to wind toward Lu: “Lu adults is really flattering, princes indeed aggressively Wineur figure, what the wind off my lone, but a mere one will, is nothing hero These guard, it was only after several battlefield, where what sort Jagged hero? trip to Yingtianfu, is asking a lot of care for adults Lv miles. princes are long-suppressed Here, the court did not know where the movement is now, and at the end This will also be the first time, what areas need attention, but also hope Lu adults exhibitions, hey, exhibitions ah. “
Zhu  \\ stuffy head forward, waving white wind a watch does not look Lu. Lu wind did not pay him any heed, smiling and walking a lone wind off side by side, very affectionate said: “who can dare to teach, had to tell the court where the generals lone high officials who are what preferences I Lu wind or done. Heck, in fact, a good friend of the princes of the Minister in the court is a lot, I heard that the Ministry of War, Ministry of Personnel many adults are familiar princes, what this court in the movement, as well as princes do not know what ? “
Zhu  \\ face slightly changed a bit, it immediately became angry look gentle lot, put on a pair of classy look. He suddenly thought, Lu wind control of the Guard, if he suddenly gave themselves pay a good minister and some of those listed on charges that he may harm than good. He constantly told himself: “gratuitous offend this guy, Well, let Murong to deal with him is.” Thought of this, his face is also very stiff out a glimmer of a smile, nodded toward Lu wind.
Lu wind smiled in return, then intently look to the lone off-day, to sigh:. “saw the lone generals, thought I had a good friend ah my friend, Gee, I really do not know how he would back of a Haibu instruments, the results exile, did not know where he went., if lone generals met him, I was asked to ask him some good. gave greet him, he did not die? “Lu wind is very insidious said: “If he really is not dead, told him that can not run around, otherwise it is a knife pixia caught his head, which was very hard to accept.”
lone off wind squint at Lu wind, walked promised to: “Lu adults really are good friends, enough loyalty ah Lu adults who can be subject to such a miss, presumably moved to sleep every night to sleep,! Lu adults thinking about the benefits of it and I Dugu off the wind, if he can have such a good brother Lu adults, good friends, and that it is the most supreme way. “
Lu wind grinning Lanzhu lone wind off the shoulder, smiled and said:? “This is very good, and I hit it off Tokgo generals, as we put down the incense table, bowed to worship how to handle.”
lone off wind astonished, Rao after he was hit by a series of drastic change, the mood has been a lot of gloomy than before, but not the wind Lu opponent ah. Lu wind is laughing eyes open, and it seems immediately forget what they were saying, swaggering with Zhu  \\ a pedestrian, to go toward the palace.
Along the way, he and his lone wind off the war of words with each other sinister off. The words mean, vicious rhetoric of so beside Zhu  \\ are constantly cold sweat, amazing. The wind off the surface of the lone light-hearted, but the heart is also treading on thin ice in general, did dare to Lu wind effect, each word buckle cleared his speech, he meant it dare answer. He can only lament in his heart: “Lu wind this guy, really shameless to the extreme, I Murong Tian, ​​is not his opponent!”

Chapter 182 fall into the invisible

a pedestrian just walked palace door, water Motoko has constantly stroking belly, his face shiny came over. Behind him followed, it is all smiles, smile about it from every hair had erupted inside Daoyan. Especially funny is that a large Ming Bao less dignified adults, and the world famous monk monk Yan, his hand actually carrying two cages meat bun, the other one clutching a dozen shiny shiny string from roast with string, fragrant ah.
Zhu Teng blink his eyes, shocked, covered with a stiff wind off Solitude, stood there speechless. Lu wind is grinning meet her, since monk derivatives readily grabbed the hands of a few buns, quickly swallowed up, vague said: “Well, personally sent Daoyan master buns taste really wonderful ah. “Then, Lu did not wind extremely gracious punched a burp, toward the water Motoko leave a sly look.
monk Yan hollow laugh a few times, hastened to put in the hands of a few young monk who some kind behind, folded repeatedly said: “Amitabha, today see the water used in the city Zaoshan predecessors, but did not have any money, said This derivative seniors pay the bill up for water. Well, the water will not be empty-handed seniors, so Daoyan That took some stuff just to help him. “monk Yan laugh really embarrassed, but still could not conceal his face lighted up , and a discerning eye to see that he did not know how the benefits of water by Motoko’s, this is he forced to do hard labor.
water Motoko quickly swept them a Zhu Teng, Zhu Teng for the prince, he is not the slightest interest, the lone off the wind, not much interest. But so was he saw that the whole body of water to the four shrouded Road, enthusiasm immediately came up, he went a few steps, reaching Cheng caught a seasoned hand, smiled and said: “yeah yeah yeah, you Discipline is also a small doll to River Road Act fails? Oh, pity, pity, your decision is a good law, it is a pity that your body is not suitable for this method depends, to a maximum depth of practitioners, but there is no grandfather I am extremely One powerful ah. “
seasoned heart was shocked that he was caught in water Motoko hand, if the body into a deep whirlpool, like endless, surging Anjin binding the whole body, where can move? Leaving horror ąýÚ is the slightest extremely cold strength along the meridians of his constant flow of his body really had a clear run to check the route, in a nutshell, is the blink of an eye, he practice has been the key to the clear water Motoko check it out, what are the advantages, what weaknesses that can be concealed from him.
his three companions were bad years, while the right hand coming out of a group of white, silent water Motoko body toward India in the past, also heard the wind off the lone light exclusion, body fiercely forward, right shoulder Henhendechao the water Motoko Dangxiong collision. They only see the water fall upon the Road Motoko pale, trembling, I thought the water Motoko meet on the next killer, was extremely angry, hurriedly has filed a real element of the body, toward the water Motoko Boom in the past.
reached the distraction of a monastic master, if the body is transported from the real dollars, without the aid of magic feijian any case, under a strike, a number of baizhang ground up into a homogeneous powder peaks will, after near thirty-five in place, afraid to be collapsing under ten feet down. But that three seasoned three fist boom in the water Motoko who just feel a burst, if returned to mother’s womb, like, warm, soft, a little strength to handle does not come out. Then came a trace, a plume of chill air into his body, his own body of real dollars, the situation is clearly a magic touch, like a gang of robbers burst into a barely veiled own home and watch them at home to turn to turn to, but that they do not have any power to resist.
water Motoko laughing smile, four seasoned practitioners of the element force water system, and he is the water element water Motoko spiritual development of the situation and some off-Yuan Li River fly it his body, but to his tonic , where there is any damage to the force? As lone wind it off, he may make a big fun. Wan were carrying potential, lone wind off the shoulder severely impact Motoko’s body in the water, but the water Motoko body slightly twist his body emitted a faint layer of white brilliance, Solitude feel like the wind off without impinging on the layer of slippery grease without leaving the hand, ‘oh’ sound scared fraternal body vacated and declared three fifty cubits high, I head toward the palace gates hit in the past.
palace near the Imperial Guard also make countless masters in, saw off the lone body suddenly vacated the wind, with the ‘call’ bang piercing sound rushed over, super experts on more than a dozen lakes while breathing open sound, a Zhangpi out, their leader, the extension of the Palace Guard’s deputy commanding shouted out: “How dare, dare to carry weapons collision Palace, you do not head up?” ‘crashed’ while the sound emitted Liebo dozen super master Zhang Li gathered together a group of white toward the lone Hurricane wind Dangxiong strike to destroy.
lone anxious mind off the wind, the hit himself down, even if it is a mountain, have been hit by the collapse myself can not give this a mere dozen martial arts master in the premium, has not reached the threshold of the monastic community of the so-called innate Realm of the characters, where can resist the power of his eleven hit? Is a little bit afraid of the contact, which more than a dozen Guard blasting to death on the spot, at the palace gate to kill Guard? This, this is not a rebel it? Even if he is now again become powerful, he still Murong Tian bones, the main palace Goyang thin generals Murong Tian ah, how can he have the guts?
moment, in Lu wind, monk Yan strange smile, the lone off strong breath of wind, put their entire real dollars introverted, abruptly shut himself towards the force of the collision turn directions. This is equal to his own use full bombers blow ah, and bombardment or directly on the internal organs. ‘Wow’ bang, he sprayed a mouthful of blood in the air boss, and then kind of like a mad Biao Zhang Feng Zhenfei thirty feet high, heavy hit on the road in front of the palace. Nabing big sword behind him but extremely heavy, smashed in a huge hole in the ground, the people were caught with more than three feet underground, dust flying, the momentum is extremely alarming ah.
Lu wind ‘tut’ the wind: “Oh, the Murong …… Oh, how there is this great general Solitude by what a good man, early in the morning blooded also normal, but this anger makes mouth spurting? , may bad. glutinous rice plus points back with a cool drink porridge drugs, lowering down blood, is not it? still young, there was vomiting blood problems, is not a good thing. “shake their heads for a while, Lu wind yixian put before the child clothes, put his fiercely official authority, strutted into the palace.
monk Yan Oh Oh ‘Buddha’ for a long time, Zhu Teng nod toward the rear, this waltz went inside. Corner of his eye, he continued to write to four pale gray defeat, covered Shuiguang big Sheng Road, his face gradually under the gloomy context, he figured in his heart: “Four attend River Road Act of? Is it not just a restraint fire, fire B four of them what? Well, this thing, you had better inform yuan Holy adults, presumably on his right holy, but also the dirty tricks. “
water Motoko see Lu wind, Yan monk went into the palace, suddenly felt no meaning, he readily put aside the four fall upon the hand and said, clap your hands, and very intimate patted Zhu Teng to his head, grinning said:??? “Zhu kid, yeah you met again who, how it changed the faces Oh Yeah, how you face the wind turned into paleness follow your kid to say …… must be over-indulgence, young people do, to learn to control it! Motoko life I did not find a woman in water, is not alive? “
doing all a few times, standing in front of Motoko Zhu Teng water less than three feet where the body fiercely patted his ass, ass shake off the dust, this triumphant, swaggering toward the main entrance of the palace went in, he walked in his mouth while bluff with: “Little children, you can put the palace gates to keep Well, do not look at Lu see that son of a bitch can go with a weapon, it is the emperor to his grace, That little bastard behind him carrying such a heavy sword, do not let him go. Well, do not look at what he brings princes who would not subordinate princes to rebellion it? “
Zhu Teng angry nose smoke, curse feet almost jump up, but he also knows that water Motoko old monster is his trick untouchables. First he beat him; Second, this old guy is extremely favored character in front of Zhu Di, otherwise where there will be a title that protect the country Fearless it? This special status, such as people, like martial monk derivatives, are best not to offend Zhu Er.
lone wind awkward off from that big hole in the ground to climb up, also with a Mama’s mouth bloodstains, describe it really looks grim, he shook his head and whispered said: maintained between hell to me and Lu Wind ” the balance of power? long as there is this old monster in the water Motoko, who battle the wind and Lu? “

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Of a shop to buy steamed buns, although the facade is not, but wins in the position, Han Wenyang sit down after some point things like steamed milk, after paying off the money, grabbed two buns, “pony, you eat, I buy some milk, come back soon. “

Mazhe Guo Han Wenyang certainly would have thought to ask myself all the circumstances, can not think of a word that he did not ask myself, let Ma Zheguo relieved, “Well, I am here waiting for you.”

Ma Zheguo watching this steaming buns, called the stomach is more joy, and he also refused to consider what to eat is not popular with the issue, had to eat five or six of bread, three on sinks, if the presence of Zhang Qian words, saw him eat with, it must tell the Xuepentaikou it.

edge of the stall to see Ma Zheguo like to eat with no surprise, “Young man,beats by dre, it is comfortable to eat hot food.”

Ma Zheguo stall heard to say, nodded, “ah, the car are some dry food does not taste good.”

“Yes ah, is to eat hot food, my son had come back from the field, one to the house, they cried to eat hot buns, but fortunately I prepared, but you know how much my son once ate buns yet ? “

Ma Zheguo figured the next, “Ten?” This figure is quite astonishing, of course, Ma Zheguo not kind of thinking, and he ate ten, almost stomach is full, but hungry to know a dozen hours , who touches the money, only a dollar a can, Ma Zheguo did not dare to use the money to leave the bus fare ride home.

“ten?” stall shook his head, “once ate more than twenty, after eating, he Mengtoutaishui, the old couple to scare us half to death.” stall recalled his son had returned to the city scenes, think about the good laugh, home made buns, head absolutely great, I do not know how to plug his son down so many buns, Is a little sad but funny after, that his son had a hard time in the field, or else do not eat so scary, so now let his son to eat, he could not eat so much killing.

Ma Zheguo stall heard say that, knowing that he was to his rescue, he is eating a little too much, “Yes ah, life in the countryside is not too good,beats headphones, but after a lot of people back to the city,cheap beats by dr dre, nor comfortable, Work does not work, do not go from reading. “

“is that when we find a lot of the relationship between the old couple to get his son back, and then beg for him to find a street in a small factory of living, can not long did this live, there is no, or else we does not stem from this line to. “Although making money is a lot that did not sound good reputation, but also keep in mind the wind outside, do not do so, the whole family how to do, they still have parents, wife and Tim recently to their grandchildren, spending big.

“said Chairman of self-reliance is not hard work, on their own labor to eat the most glorious.” 马哲国 under 葛素梅 their subtle, nor is it a fool fool would read, “In the future we will be getting better in the day.” Ma Zheguo more than just words to say to stall, also said to myself, this time to go back to being the humiliation that he will get back to, as to raise their parents, Ma Zheguo think he still has more than enough, especially if they say something like that after.

Han Wenyang hurriedly bought the milk back to the early spread, I found Ma Zheguo much better than just an expression, at least not just so decadent, which makes Han Wenyang feel very strange, “pony, eat breakfast yet , and Tim Diansha? “Han Wenyang looked at the empty dish, mind straight speechless, this pony in the end how long without eating,cheap beats, how combat so much, we can imagine how long this guy is hungry, but for the event himself, he is ready to go hungry, and he’s scared to death of the family to eat with a group of people?

Mazhe Guo shook his head, though he was embarrassed to say it was later returned to his stall two buns, say thank you own Yoshikoto, “Uncle, we go back, we have to the city, then you also come here to eat . “

“medium.” stall heard Ma Zheguo say, whether they coming or not, all nodded and to earn more if they can not come, people are easy to spot.

Today the sun is good, no what the wind, holding a small dumpling Zhao Yun sat basking in the sun under the eaves, and Zhang Qian said their little joke, or else let the children stay in the house holding Zhao Yun, Zhang Qian really worried the losers, so Zhao Yun Zhang Qianjiang pulled out, although the beginning of Zhao Yun quite negative, but when she knew Zhang Qian Han Wenyang back to follow his grandparents after worship, her expression changed a little bit, “I do not know what When can see my in-laws, do not know that a small dumpling blessings in this life there’s some money to take his grandparents. “Although 韩文阳 grandparents died long ago, did not forget to consider the marriage prior to his death 韩文阳the same is done elders, how will vary so much, Zhao Yun really do not understand.

“You should be glad that kind of early to give you a blow-laws, if they’ll stop sucking, money and efforts to you and ponies, and you just want to vomit blood.” Such elders and not without, but multi- is a short-sighted but 马哲国 parents, only to see the immediate benefits, even after they come up again Lai, also the separation agreement, even to take care of their parents, nor to fully take care of them, not to mention the words to bring siblings , although the buns are a lot of people affected by the problem is re-injury, and that the so-called family would lose everything fantasy.

Zhao Yun certainly understand this science, “but they put excessive demands really, really think we have much money.” better than last year, but for the day, if you look at the level of the dividend as previously, in order to pay for themselves and 马哲国 old couple money, calling also borrow, “they really that is not for us to consider.”

“the length of the fingers as well, like my grandfather grandson, parents like the younger son, father hurt only the middle is your mother does not love.” Gesu Mei said so the old saying, “But I reckon pony should come back.” Listen 马哲国 mentioned sentence, his parents still quite a healthy body, but also in accordance with the Ma Zheguo back the money they mean separation, not to mention the old couple to give them the possibility of disease to the air.

“should be it.” Zhao Yun looked laughter directed at the edge of a small bun dumpling stupid thief animatedly, they sigh, really do not understand most of the time to take care of his son, be silly and small buns dumplings just like to play, as long as He saw a small bun at the edge of a small dumpling big grievances can endure down, which makes the child his mother Zhao Yun ** How not to feel aggrieved.

“Xiaoyun.” Ma Zheguo luggage, after the train down the pace of the big, the 韩文阳 are Shuaixia quite some distance, so 韩文阳 direct say in their hearts to eat so many buns, I spent so much money, engage in a half-day, under the car threw me to one side, which is really a good brother, but this is Han Wenyang heart to think of it, he knew that if replaced by his own words, he must also go faster than 马哲国, There are ten days it did not see his wife and children, especially 马哲国 This is clearly where his parents suffered a big grievance, not looking for someone to talk to the next is absolutely impossible.
Zhao Yun heard 马哲国 voice, holding silly dumpling stand up, stand up and stare at the yard 马哲国 be read and reread, so two people standing face to face, really nothing at all ah Unfortunately, such a good atmosphere, to silly dumpling to destroy.

silly little dumpling buns have been in a good mood looking at his brother to their faces, I did not for a while, holding his mother stood up, are they see little brother buns, dumplings how silly it would be willing to make, especially Mom silly standing there, “wah-wah, wah-wah.” small dumpling cry that grievance, protesting that he should sit down, look at his little brother buns.

Ma Zheguo heard his son so hard, extremely distressed, hand luggage on the floor and cried so throw, Zhao Yun went around, took his son in her arms, “Son, I was my father, my father came back, not cry, good, Daddy’s little girl, do not cry. “

towards Zhao Yun Zhang Qian saw Ma Zheguo originally thought there would be Diansha passion to see the picture, at least for a hug, thank his wife in their absence their mother around, take good care of his son, he just can not think of the last pick a son only, especially small dumpling face must not give his father, still crying vigorously.

buns and small dumpling originally played animatedly, did not think all of a sudden a small dumpling on out of sight, becomes superior, small buns not happy, he took Xiaoqian clothes, struggling to stand up, directed at holding small dumpling called Ma Zheguo called ah, but the side of his mouth also directed Ma Zheguo small fist triumphantly.

Zhang Qian watching his son like this, my heart suddenly a little worried, his chubby, soft buns in vain will not become a violent control, how he would use the threat of violence on others, although it is only a threat But Zhang Qian may not know is that a small bun laugh, in fact, his strength is still getting bigger, Zhang Qian decided to wait a little longer big buns, and he must speak the truth, although sometimes fist is quite useless, can we also civilized, first, and the other reason, then Dongbing.

small buns know where his aging mother staring at her to see why, he just came up on the bad guys to know and grab yourself a small dumpling, dumpling and a small cry so badly, even aunt cried.

buns big eyes wide to see the 马哲国, while 马哲国 coax coax his son for a long time are not good, this time he was also pondering over, what to see their son crying, it was a long time did not see their own sake, Ah , are themselves think should be shoved his son did not see the small buns, naughty side of his relationship with a wry smile on his Zhao Yun said, “This is what our family son, how I think he is a supercilious Wolf? “

Mazhe Guo Zhao Yun heard to say, white at him, “You have the nerve to say that your son, do not look at you now sawed.” everyone will be excited too, have recovered and found Ma Zheguo really is the way dusty look, thanks to the winter, if it is summer, it will not issue Zhibuding an odor coming.

Zhang Qian from Ma Zheguo hold small arms dumpling, do not hold off the case, Zhang Qian Ma Zheguo smells fear will give small dumpling smoked bad, “Come, I will hold a small dumpling, or else I have small buns views the. “

buns from the hands of the bad guys after seeing her mother hugged his brother, directed Zhang Qian called a pass, found her mother sat down after holding his brother, Zhang Qian buns excited to go out there to explore, to manually move the foot and small talking dumpling called voice that rang ah, Zhang Qian reckoned fix this little buns and small dumpling bragging how good he was able to snatch him from the hands of bad people, but that little dumpling see small buns After Zhang chubby face, nor crying, tears of water still face, a smile appeared on his face.

Mazhe Guo looked longer crying child, he simply said, “It’s a doll extrovert, I saw my father did not come back so excited.”

Zhao Yun for their own children is already very accustomed to this, in his heart, my brother goes chubby face than the couple themselves pretty much, but good, so after their own school, a small bun at the edge of it, their own son will be on a lot of good, when Juan aunt to help children at home can also be a lot of effort. “Well, the house has hot water, go take a bath?” Zhao Yun is not very fond of the man who comes out of their own taste, just own one also have something to ask 马哲国, how embarrassed in this way, but also to go back so years.

Gesu Mei saw the couple after they left, looked up to 韩文阳 to see the way the two of them, calling them encountered on the road.

Han Wenyang took 张倩怀 inside the dumpling, take the opportunity to put the lower urinary tract, mouth things after experiencing Ma Zheguo say it again, anyway, sooner or later have to say.

Gesu Mei Han Wenyang heard to say, my heart also wonder, “Is not it did not bring enough money, how hungry like that.”

Zhang Qian did not know what matter occurred, but Ma Zheguo back, Zhang Qian also relieved, “when buying a train ticket?”

“tomorrow afternoon.” noted Zhang Qian Han Wenyang unhappy expression is not the kind of expression, but also relieved.

Zhang Qian Han Wenyang heard to say, though a bit anxious, but she knew these things really can not be delayed, “We go back tomorrow, do not buy gifts to take home.” Zhang Qian Adds added, “You’re home There should be a relative of it. “

Han Wenyang shook his head, “is not necessary, that we go back to visit my grandparents, as other people, and they, and they have no contact, so there is no need to bring a gift to them.”

in Han Wenyang it seems, in their own hand, they will no longer be their relatives, how has that family and relatives are cruel to that point, and their own disown no problem, no need to sell it back home also look at the mother ** copies, improve care for them, but they return home is so, starting from that time, Han Wenyang never could think they are their grandparents and relatives before, so this time with a small Qian back, Han Wenyang never thought of going to see them, let alone with a gift.

Hand txt two hundred and thirty second chapter

two hundred and thirty second chapter

Zhang Qian Han Wenyang hear the words in sadness, or else to Han Wenyang for Ma Zheguo so generous, as relatives so stingy what they should have done things very much of it.

Han Wenyang pondering over their own tone of voice just is not very good, he slow slow tone, “that I am sorry, lift them, I would not be a good subject, but sometimes, some people though are relatives, not as neighbors. “At least some of his own grandmother finally are relying on neighbors to take care of her. “Bring some gifts back to it.”

heck? Zhang Qian Han Wenyang heard to say, do not understand, with or without this gift in the end, one would say with, one would say with? Zhang Qian do not understand, “How much tape?” Regardless of why Han Wenyang how will change his mind, these are not Zhang Qian to ignore, and this is his first trip to 韩文阳 home, be sure to perform well.

“buy cakes became the capital, early tomorrow we go to buy groceries points like those gifts are for those who take care of my grandparents, neighbors, thank them around before grandparents in my absence, I take care of a ghostwriter their honoraria. “Han Wenyang explain to whom these presents.

Zhangqian Ming white over, who co-authored the Han Wenyang heart not as neighbors and relatives, “Well, you do not bring some eggs or meat in the past?” These things are at this time to take the shot gift, you know, but meat With meat coupons to the black market to buy it, it was expensive, so bring some meat back to the very face of things it is not.

Han Wenyang shook his head, “There is no need to bring meat with some snacks enough.” This time he brought such a precious gift, and then go back later, how much of this silly girl ready to take the gift back.

Zhang Qian Oh sigh, since he has said so, Nazan did become, it is better to send cakes, although the sum of money to spend, you can at least do something that voucher supply, and meat, then , Zhang Qian saw the meat coupons, do not know a good spade, a four-month meat meal vouchers only enough to eat meat at home, the oil it is also pitiful, just do not send home to eat.

葛素梅 asked the next 韩文阳 after the train departure time, estimated, the “open early tomorrow for lunch, I made the point to the time you can eat bread on the train.” As they got there, they eat anything, 葛素梅 on the tube vain. “After this thing come back to school for.”

Zhang Qian look Korean

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Love, “Where What do you think? He is my little master, and 001 things I already knew a long time ago.” Just his little master does not explicitly say it out, had 001 things, particular account of the masters myself, how could you not know.
Yan Yu Ling silent, looking at the small and simply, “You already know the existence of a 001?” bunny how he can be so eccentric, but she knew more than their housekeeper, is their status, even the small all in vain compare it? ! Think here, little fat fac

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The Los crashed into the cold arms of Chen, “Sorry.”

only 0.1 seconds of stunned, UN demands has quickly straightened, looked a sorry cold Luochen, implied in his body moved to the other side of the sofa in the past.

she seems very reluctant to release his limb, cold Luochen deep look down the other side of the couch to sit UN demands.

If this is a means of off UN demands, it is undeniable that he really began to be attracted to her.

any one can be called a lucky man, if you have a woman shunned even know that was stuck, but because the man that ridiculous self-esteem and fell into it.

“Are you afraid of me.” Cold Luo Chen shook quilt of wine, deep voice with insanity “confusion” rang faint, slender body while also sitting on the side of UN demands.

And because most previously had sat inside the sofa, so it can be sad at the moment UN demands no way to move the slightest.

“no.” no way retreat, UN demands secretly hung his sight, surrounded by people who are free, the killer lurking flat Teng governance should not appear because she can not feel the cold breath as the killer.

“But you’re distracted.” Her eyes still did not see him, but implied the four patrol with such a feeling of being let cold indifference Los Chen once again felt a hint is not comfortable.

“I ……” Just lift your eyes will be on the cold Luochen cast “shot” over the sharp sight, that sight has oppressed, has not seemed to reject the majesty, let UN demands in a moment thought of escape.

so she looked down again, to have such a place in the mall, this man is definitely not be underestimated.

Fortunately five years, they have no intersection, otherwise chilled Luochen cautious and careful, think really hard tricks to deceive.

and although she and her sister can face almost to the fake “disorder” is really the point where the height can be still some differences, but it is a different body bone.

Fortunately, the man in front of five years have not seen her, so do not worry, as for Kwan, Chin Yang brother thought she was dead, others just waiting another five years, you can take a huge amount of property belonging to her.

“Luo Chen, you can ask me to dance?” positive stalemate, Yao Minyun gentle voice rang.

“Please.” relieved glance at the corner of UN demands, cold Luochen Fangxiajiubei stood up, it seems that she really does not like to be with him.

gratuitous cold Luo Chen Yao Minyun once again reminded of the rumors say that she is loving adoptive brother Guan Kwan Chin Yang.

five years ago, in order to escape the feelings that had adhered to marry him before, and then five years actually is unknown if this time not because of my grandfather, she probably still does not appear in his line of sight.

though melodious music rang in my ears, but the man holding her hand dancing really mind fly away, it is the sight of a woman who fell on the corner.
powder makeup, 姚敏云 face “color” gloomy changed, changed, off UN demands really is a powerful woman, if she was married at the beginning of nearly Luochen certainly be his disgust.

she actually endure for five years, to come forward by the cold Father, once again appeared around Los Chen, but also a pair of reluctant gesture.
Chen Luo entangled around
too many women, even though the outside world are rumors that she is the situation of the Group’s future mistress.

to those women still stare like flies over a general attempt a share, but unfortunately it is cold Luochen heavy ambitious men, love to do sports on the bed, he was just the most basic physiological needs.

available now, but there is a reluctance to get along with him a woman, but contrary to the relevant UN demands caused by the cold Luochen attention.

gaze suddenly fell on top of the second floor corridor, that dark corner, a man lit cigarette, God, “color” look indifferent to the hall.

can intuitively, UN demands to know the man is not simple, he lengli features, that merciless eyes, is a killer that has the breath, more importantly, his gaze falls has Ruoyouruowu the dance floor is cold Luochen body.

not moving sound “color” stood up, went upstairs toward UN demands, slightly clenched fist toward the flat Teng rule to go away.

“Sir, a man? jump only how to dance?” a tall woman,beats headphones, one hand holding the glass in one hand and take the flat frivolous Teng governance shoulder.

so tall man,beats by dre, even without undressing, she also knows some superb effort on his bed.

“sorry.” unusual deep voice dull, flat Teng governance sorry openings body quickly walked to the side.

“sir.” fancy man left eyes to see, once again tall woman with a past, Fadia’s voice has a charming and dissolute, “Sir, are so anxious to go do what?”

implied the woman to avoid entanglement, flat rattan cure fast pace a bit, and unfortunately it hit the oncoming woman a bit.

“Oops.” “touch” the forehead, pain exclaimed UN demands to eat,cheap beats, just shake the hand into a fist fast rule in flat rattan body grazed.

“sorry.” two people is still low, flat Teng rule quickly walked to the stairs, did not see UN demands to see at a glance.

flying is mouth smile, bright smile UN demands, suddenly felt a sight looked over, and instantly restrained smile, a bow, cold Luochen deep eyes on the hall.

so beautiful that she can laugh original, that hint of a smile like a curse in general, let cool Luochen mind instantly shook.

kind of laugh, some indifferent, and some of the cold, as the flowers bloom in the wilderness, not beautiful, but they can splendid entire mountain.

not take into account the complexity of the cold Luochen that vision, UN demands quickly turned and walked toward the stairs,cheap beats by dr dre, along the side of the side door went out of the hall.

032 Chapter successful hunt

032 Chapter successfully hunted ()
gardens, the Royal Orient has previously sent a good car parked, walked past UN demands fast, has prepared black “color” clothes driving position.

Ten minutes later, UN demands slipped out of one dress, wearing a gold “color” black wig and mask “color” of, this pick up the side of the phone.

“Imperial, everything is ready, cut off after thirty seconds.” UN demands Chen Sheng opening deliberately suppressed voice Rideau copies lengli and indifferent.

“everything carefully.” on the other end came the same deep voice Orient Royal, though not seen anyone seasons organization.

may League for four seasons, but has a hundred percent oriental royal trust, although they do not belong to any organization that may have been a result of the action, they are all standing on the side of justice.

So White Road League seasons relationship is very cordial, and the underworld, also admire from personnel to equipment, funds are first-class seasons organization.

through the night, “color”, UN demands fast from the side door just to sneak into the hall when, dark corners, surrounded by lights suddenly went out together in an instant, became a sound exclaimed.

a dark, UN demands quickly put on night vision goggles, it was her body smeared green “color” chemical “medicine” powder clear in sight.

quickly raised his pistol, aimed, may from time to time because someone in front through, UN demands quietly waiting, the lights bright moment.

A minute later, the lights suddenly flashed, everyone instinctively look to the ornate crystal head lamps, UN demands are simultaneously pulled the trigger.

bullets fly, “shoot” the last moment, just a flash of crystal lights go out again, surrounded by darkness again.

this sudden bright and dark, Jean Ping Tang rule immediately come to understand, but he is fast, faster bullets.

just felt a sharp pain in the chest, flat Teng rule that he had been eyeing, taking advantage of the darkness of the night, “color”, the figure quickly hit the side of the glass had to flee the go.

a shot gall to escape, UN demands lengli smile, but did not chase away, just pick up the phone, “people came out.”

remaining things to the Royal Orient, and as the beginning of the general, from the side door back out, ready to return the car Huanhaoyifu UN demands.

“Who are you?” Suddenly a cold voice rang in my ears, UN demands hesitated Chin Yang fleet being blocked off in front of her, she had already forgotten the cold Luo Chen Chin Yang brother and cooperation.

body slightly step back, no hesitation, UN demands rapidly toward the off Chin Yang launched an attack.

night, “color”, the two figure fighting together quickly, but unfortunately because the other side is off Chin Yang, UN demands were more reserved between shots.
a roundabout
nice kick in the moment “forced” to turn off the retreat Chin Yang attack, UN demands smile, her legs always better than the hands of kung fu martial arts.

familiar roundhouse kick, off Chin Yang stunned moment, sight were more shocked, “who in the end are you?”

Damn! Listen Chin Yang off some voice disorders, UN demands to know she went, she was five years old along with his brother Yang learn martial arts exhibition until year-old, a full five years, Chin Yang brother too familiar with the agility of her .

fist to the palm of his right hand, in the absence of time off Chin Yang, UN demands aimed at the opportunity to prance body Suddenly the sky, hit the off beat Chin Yang’s neck.

neck pain brought a dark, off Chin Yang body fell down, while UN demands also took his body, the line of sight is no longer any disguise, “Chin Yang brother, I miss you.” attachment The ask “touch” the solemn facial features off Chin Yang, leaning on his trembling UN demands to rely on the wall, staring at a deep, fast back to the car.

for a good one, pull down the wig, restored the original look, this again and Eastern Imperial call, “all ok”

“Ping Tang rule also shot dead, thirty seconds after power is restored.” the other end of the phone, Eastern Imperial whispered answer.

UN demands quickly returned to the hall to find a free seat to sit down a moment, surrounded by bright resumed.

“Ladies and gentlemen, just a little electricity out of the question, we continue to dance.” interpreted as master of ceremonies, beautiful piano rang, surrounded by restored again just for fun.

“You just go?” cold Luo Chen found the corner of the UN demands, then Mai Buxiang walked over to her.

“has been here.” UN demands to be whispered a sentence, once again received the Yao Minyun that sinister sight, it seems that just when the power outage, leaving the cold Luo Chen Yao Minyun four to find traces of UN demands.

fainting outside the hall just off Chin Yang once again pushed open the glass door and went in, UN demands surprised, Chin Yang brother turned on in a few minutes regained consciousness.

UN demands along the line of sight, while cold Luo Chen and Yao Minyun looked in the past, only a person’s face with a gloating, and cold Luochen Stern did not see any facial expression.

UN demands to see did not see one, off Chin Yang sight quickly swept the audience, disappointed eyes fell on the deep, small hope has been dead for over a decade, and he did just that night attack suspect who would be her.

“on the outside of the road found a corpse, the Yamaguchi-gumi is the killer, for safety, to leave.”

thoughts off Chin Yang recovered quickly in the cold side of Los whispered Chen explained, “is not just the power of ordinary trip, someone tampered with in the back.”

“killer?” cold Luochen God “color” unchanged, but were more suspect “confusion” appears killer is not surprising, but in the end what will be the killer of the Yamaguchi-gumi shooter.

“back talk.” no longer think, cold Luo Chen nodded, and do not forget to leave UN demands to pull off, and I send you back. “

UN demands still head down, docile Cold Luochen by holding her hand, she was afraid too much under their own actions, so that Chin Yang brother found an exception.

parking cars went toward the crowd, not surprisingly, saw the bodies lying in the middle of the road, shot and killed a UN demands to open the chest that shot.

qualities bullets can not find any way out, even the pistol is also special, so that you can help make the Oriental Imperial dragon completely get rid of suspect.

even really find out what is coming in the future, it will only involve four seasons organization, rather than letting the dragon to help implicated unnecessary trouble.

This is why the four seasons between the underworld organization has had an extraordinary position for each organization because they can solve a lot of unnecessary barriers, and it is because of this complex relationship, the Four Seasons and the gang all have been thousands of silk Wan thread link, they do not restrict the organization to make a shot for four seasons.

addition to off Chin Yang, along with a few people came to see the body inevitably startled a little while, but God alone Oriental quiet “color” somewhat bizarre.

and emerge out of that moment my mind feels familiar, do not be afraid to let his corpse in front of the whole person, and even a bit closer to, take a look at that to make him feel a familiar scene.

be because Yao Min spiritual being tightly grabbed his arm, afraid to face buried in a secluded chest on the east, also successfully prevented him weird move.

“Do not look.” Cold Luochen UN demands to pull off the hand away from the side of her body, “the car, I send you back.”

nodded meekly UN demands on the car, since the Japanese have sent the killer over, then she should be more with the cold Luochen around, otherwise there is no guarantee the other party will not be the next killer.

“Sister, we have to go home now.” Yao Min Ling pulled Yao Minyun hand, terrifying, the corpse of her scared little face pale, pull over Yao Minyun and quiet on the Eastern side of their car to go to.

033 chapters in a room

033 chapters in a room

car driving fast towards the outskirts of the villa, the bright lights in the city close to the outskirts, surrounded by gradually quiet down, the dark night sky, bright stars, no car exhaust and fresh air.

cold Luochen not help slow down the speed of the original on the outskirts of the night so quiet and serene, it seems that even people floating in the air is fresh and comfortable.

“lady you’re back.” and saw the car lights, butler quickly opened the gate, let the car drove in, you can see and then come out of the cold Luochen old housekeeper surprised a moment, then laughed. “You, sir, have come.”

surrounded by flowers in the spring breeze, the air was suffused with a hint of floral, soft lights reflected in the curtains, everything seemed quiet and beautiful.

“Sir, unsafe back so late today live right here.” attentive butler opening, facing the side of the UN demands to make eye “color”, this is the best time to learn to let Mr. Lady.

“president ……”

“live right here.” Cold Luochen then truncated to reject UN demands, then pulled the tie, took off his suit jacket went toward the house to go to.

What is this? UN demands thwarted froze place in the house, on the outskirts of no extra rooms, one is a study, is a piano room, there is a studio, a utility room.

remaining two gave the housekeeper husband, “women”, so the biggest one, and only one is the master bedroom, the cold Luochen to live in, where she slept that night? These days have been adapted to the nine-to-five life, do not want her to sleep on the sofa?

back, cool look to the light Luochen look reluctant UN demands, the firm decided to once again live in their own, she looks very welcomed her.

“Madame, there are no clothes, I took a new pajamas.” old housekeeper came out of the back of the room, hands and more new pajamas do not say, there is a new “hair” towel toothbrush.

shook his head, took things go upstairs toward the helpless UN demands to go

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Jiang Min doing things look good, these men are guilty of alcoholism, someone to buy wine back, I do not thing these guys, drink a meal. Jiang Min look at these men, though not drunk, but one is covered with the alcohol, red face, I really do not know how to say them to do it.
Jiang Min them here, has always been a very suitable pension place, where there will be a tornado, flood, because there is nothing to gain acceptance in the river, there will be mudslides, because there simply is no mountain, where it would not be strong earthquake, because it is not close to the volcanic belt, where four distinct seasons, Jiang Min decided to lead their lives in a place. All experiences are so profound nostalgia Jiang Min and love of rural life.
since Jiang Min Zhang Wan has notice, places urban household has to say after a good, Jiang Min began to patiently wait for their parents to discuss the results, but did not think a few days, the river home places such thing, it has spread to the streets. Jiang Min’s behavior while leaving everyone curious.
recently, Feng Zhibin letter to the very slow, he said, is now busy at work, in fact, do not, he said, Jiang Min also know that the current situation is very complex, and as a soldier should be more careful.
the beginning of time, the Prime Minister died. Jiang Min followed cried a large field, dejection for a long time, if the farm housewife Jiang Min, what people worship, then it is their prime it. Jiang Min seems that no one can do better than him.
Premier Zhou is one of the four big guy in modern China, many women idol. One of his most revered reason is that he has consistently marriage, nor descendants, but also the new China’s first supreme leader cremated and the ashes Sabian mountains and rivers of the motherland. Remember ever heard such a story, after the sad news of the death of Premier Zhou Enlai in Beijing spread, the United Nations Headquarters also flag down a half-mast. That side of the United Nations banner, was raised in New York, October 24, 1945. For 30 years, there are many heads of state have died of the world, it never seemed to move over.
this reason, some countries have opinions. Issued to United Nations Headquarters asked: We first head of state dies, the United Nations banner is still up so high, China’s second head of state dies, but you hoist for him, which is why?
the then UN Secretary-General Waldheim to come forward, he said: “To mourn Zhou Enlai, the United Nations half-mast for two reasons: First, China is an ancient civilization, her treasure countless more, she Thanks to us, but to use a few yuan, but she’s not a penny of deposits Premier Zhou Enlai Second, China has 10 million people, accounting for a quarter of the world’s population, but she’s Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, not a child. you heads of state of any country, if they can do one of, the date of his death, his headquarters will still half-mast. “
mention these things true and false, one that incomparable charisma of this man, it is worth people to think of his greatness.
radio across the country, wept uncontrollably, there are a lot of people cry fainted. Then Jiang Min really know what a “national mourning.”
occurred in mourning activities of the Prime Minister in April was crushed, but also to the later situation becomes very complicated. Jiang Min is at that time came back from the army. Now do not really know how the real situation Feng Zhibin around. Every time his letter when the case is asked Jiang Min, Jiang Min constantly asked to make good eating, sleeping, or even to be able to take a picture of Jiang Min mailed body like the past. For his case, he just said well.
can be seen from the letter Jiang Min came out, he seemed to want to leave there, and two letters saying this meant, because everything will be different, 冯志彬 hearts and ignited a raging fight, he wanted to do something where career. For this decision, Feng Zhibin somewhat gingerly raised, did not think, Jiang Min is also no objection, but let him do it right, all right, I see more professional books, more than half a brain, it does not work, you bring proceed to the next man drills. In fact, the last to criticize Jiang Min is already kind of, I believe Feng Zhibin listen to the full, and is actively doing the change.
say afraid of the wrong men, women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, this saying is absolutely good. Instead of letting Feng Zhibin mother sacrificed for their own careers, then later decades are unhappy, and even complain about it, it might as well let him flex its muscles in the army too! After
Min Jiang Feng Zhibin hear a reply,cheap beats, very happy, he also mentioned in the letter, seen from the River Min ‘fall’ diary, the river level could be so sensitive shooting menu, which makes him lose face, I knew Thus, Jiang Min had to force it, it should be good training, to save lost his face. Feng Zhibin said, and so next time come back, be sure to think of ways to teach Jiang Min fire a gun, but also to Jiang Min buy a qiqiang, you can make your own play Jiang Min pheasant shoot birds eat.
read the letter, Jiang Min gas ah! See people’s diaries, book review dare tell people really act recklessly!
seventy-four gas to
Although her family lived very comfortably, but Jiang Min still like their own home, married, living in her parents do not always feel at ease. Jiang Min in her family to enjoy a couple of days, and immediately went home.
Jiang Min cook something delicious, but spread in the village, for this new wife,cheap beats by dr dre, everyone’s impressions are good, with the usual small village gossip gossip, people are diligent, with that powerful Feng’s mother confrontation, nor how to lose, and now, Jiang Min and cook something delicious spread, everyone is curious to Jiang Min also adds a layer. More people take the initiative to talk with Jiang Min, the kind of curious eyes, does not mean anything, so Jiang Min feel a little funny.
Jiang Min is the garden a few melons, melon first number, then the number of watermelon, melon probably over fifty, which is the largest group, so over a period of time, will be re-grow new, watermelon has a twenty, but also There are not too small, do not know how long it can be estimated according to Jiang Min, there are about half a month, the first batch of melon can be on the market. Jiang Min looked harvest scene, laughing eyes bent.
looked about to mature fruits garden son, only Jiang Min excess salivation, next to the person looking at it very naturally greedy, Linda already three years old,beats headphones, according to her grandmother’s instructions, climbed yard fence there, uncle home to see through the gap, she would have seen the uncle home melon and watermelon, she mom, and so well, she can be awkward to eat, and it took a while, seeing her aunt have entered the room, Linda remembered adults told, “Hey!” Jiang Min look around, how someone did not see it? Then they heard the phrase, “Hey, ma’am, my grandmother called How about you!” This saw the fence
Jiang Min seam exposed a small nose, the child gone so big, how fast is really just thought of Linda just said, let Jiang Min feel very awkward. Xiaodong Lan is how to teach children? However, think and put down a rural are like this, they do not teach children what truths, even house guests, when the children are not with the guests say hello hello, not even a place in the classroom, said in addition to ‘good teacher’, but it is undeniable, rural children still pristine goodness. Not too seriously children of their own.
Jiang Min while slowly leisurely walk to the next, while also muttered, “Son, you come out, my mother comes into play up.”
“When did I eat melon and watermelon?” Linda standing there, fingers in his mouth, his eyes staring Jiang Min, waiting for her answer.
Jiang Min and children do not want to care,beats by dre, but their stuff is no truth in vain to others, even to give, it also depends on the mood. Occupied birthright relatives should make their own sacrifices, that is impossible. “That was my melon and watermelon, when to eat, who to eat, I am pleased to see upset. Xiaoling, if you want to eat, the best Zuitian something.” Jiang Min This is certainly not the child said, but the child’s grandmother and mother said. Look, one-year-old children, and that the eyes of contempt and disgust is so obvious, it would not be born.
Linda still think about it, to say nice words ah say? Her mother did not teach her ah!
Jiang Min entered the room when Pingjin Zhu and Liao Huizhen are sitting on the kang, Feng Zhiguo couple but not in this house, a little strange, arguably, Xiaodong Lan is never miss this scene, “Dad, Mom, can I do Son? “Jiang Min slowly sat down on a stool, kang child for her too high and too dangerous.
Before Jiang Min firmly secured, 冯金柱 on the opening, “said Mandy what! heard you clutching an urban hukou indicator, is not ah? If you do, give it your brother!” Jiang Min look Look 冯金柱, he seemed to feel sensitive to indicators from the hands of the river to be justified, and will unconditionally obey Jiang Min, watching 廖慧芬, God in the old way, seems to be waiting for Jiang Min refute it under normal circumstances, Jiang Min time should enlighten them with reason and emotionally moving, trying to convince them that this indicator can not give them. But ……
“My hands are indicators?, I do not know how?” Jiang Min’s attitude to Liaohui Fen dumbfounded, this woman Barbara hateful, gas, she almost jumped from the kang, “Jiang Min, we all know, because you sell What fish cakes, recognizing the town’s cafeteria forward person, from him to come indicators. do not think we are all fools, you do not just want to index your mother home? married daughter spilled water, you can not Bushihaodai, elbows out Abduction! “
“Master Zhang and others know that my dad, again, do not spend my dad got the Trustee indicators, do you want me to go to my husband’s brother to come? I do not have so much face.” Jiang Min has no intention to explain too much with them, and now no matter what Jiang Min, said Feng people would think it was their excuse.
Ping Jinzhu seems clear understanding of it, “so ah! that or forget, directly with the in-laws to be more bad.” “Then I go back, home-cooked meals are ready, I’m hungry.”
“Oh, you’re back! need this hospital to get a bite to come.” Feng Jinzhu account, watching the river sensitive stomach, as if to see his grandson as his eyes squint a good mood, because either no to index and uncomfortable.
“ah, well.” Jiang Min mouth so promised, but my heart does not think so, less trouble to eat it! His family’s food, might as well eat Ping and Zhao Guangchun home sense of justice it!
Liaohui Fen in front of her husband’s face, how dare kind of course, but she feels that he has to be angry collapse, Jiang Min followed out the door, she stopped in the yard, “Jiang Min, you say you do not know? You fool who? open eyes lie, so you treat your grandfathers and grandmothers do? “Jiang Min slowly turned around, eyes sharp,” how to treat it? I fool anyone? Who told you my hand There are indicators on whom you go, you put people find out, we confront, how? “
Liaohui Fen gas speechless, she did not find any witnesses, even if there is, people will not follow her to do this syndrome.
Jiang Min is also nothing to fear, to Jiang Min urban hukou thing to do, is not on the table to say, even if 廖慧芬 have the guts to ask Zhang Wan has a forward or town clerk, and that it will not get any answers.
go see Jiang Min, Liao Huifen one to catch in the past, she is intuitive reaction, but when she realized that he shot and then immediately calm down and make awkward pinch Jiang Min’s arm tightly, so that the force, You could also say that hurt people.
Jiang Min stunned for a moment, and was followed by anger rising, the biggest influence on her previous life, just hate violence, hate someone to do it yourself, so to fight back against the idea, is simply deep bone marrow. Jiang Min turned around and pushed and shoved on Liaohui Fen, but also the kind of very ornate push Liaohui Fen forehead children, suddenly pushed her to sit on the ground.
“How dare you even my hands?”
two people say this sentence, Liao Huifen feel that they are elders, is her mother, but her daughter even dare hands. Jiang Min thought was, I’m With pregnancy, you have hands-on with me, is simply deliberately take my children. Jiang Min anything can be tolerated, however, is the mother of the strong, no one can hurt her children, including her husband included. Feng Jiang Min to have scruples, simply because of moral restrictions because of 冯志彬, but if all of this and their child is, what can be ignored.
Jiang Min’s anger did not dissipate, his hands clenched fists, as if ready to be rushed to continue. Liaohui Fen from the ground up, we should rush lesson Jiang Min, however, see Jiang Min excited expression, she hesitated, seemed to be mad Jiang Min. Thought, though his own mother, but playing pregnant daughter, he is not representing the ceremony, or forget.
“You give me more!” Jiang Min looked at her just leave, constantly doing deep breathing, to calm her down, otherwise the baby will be angry. Over the ages, Jiang Min before slowly walking home. After
angry, Jiang Min feel tired and want to sleep, and then eat a few bites before the meal, took out the mattress and pillows, lying on the kang, she had to rest. Mind some chaos, perhaps yourself doing quite right, anyway, it was all their elders, can not do it. She does not want others to say that they do not obey, though her mother was not very good, but the father is good. Do have their own selfishness. But they thought she was pregnant Liaohui Fen disregard, even with her hands, Jiang Min completely unable to convince myself, and my heart is a little apologetic that can not be found.
Jiang Min such a break until the evening. Heard outside the rhubarb in the call, there are people shouted his name in the yard outside, Jiang Min barely up.
body felt very heavy but very heavy, she was a little uncomfortable, stomach discomfort, reluctantly put on his coat to go out, just to see the Fenglian.
“Feng Lin, how you come, why?”
Jiang Min Zhang Fenglian did not answer it, but from top to bottom, carefully looked Jiang Min’s face, looked a long time before some hesitation, said, “Jiang Min, you …… this is how uncomfortable ah?” “ah, a little uncomfortable, very tired.” Jiang Min sighed, she was not the hardest hit. “Feng Lin, you help me to make a phone call to the Corps where my family now! Let my dad come visit, I was a little uncomfortable!” “Jiang Min, you …… how do you? Okay? Are children? “This may be nervous Fenglian, Jiang Min’s face look bad, she also felt a problem.
“should be no big deal, but let’s look at my dad is good.” Jiang Min know that this is the gas to, but good for children, let’s look at Dad can be assured.
“Oh, Mandy, you are not comfortable, and so your dad doing ah?, I find people, take you to the village of hospitals now!” Fenglian spoke on the go.
Jiang Min catching her, “first in haste, if I have a problem, go to the hospital did not use, say, the way a toss, the child is not good.”
“Oh …… Oh, well, I’ll go, you go back and lay it fast!” Jiang Min Fenglian looked into the house and immediately ran to the Corps.
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Jiang Min regret this, she should control his temper, if it is annoying Liaohui Fen, Anyway after that is not the same? Why do we have angry today? If you hurt a child how to do? The more thought, the more uncomfortable. Because pregnant women think of the excitement, the situation may occur kids, Jiang Min, much less calm. When
previous life she was pregnant, and simply do not understand anything, but later science and health programs to see more, she remembers how some.
mother’s mental or emotional, will not only affect the mother’s appetite, sleep, energy, etc., but also affect the fetus’s blood